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Here’s a compilation of all my restaurant reviews so far, spread across my different blogs. Hopefully it will make it easier for you to find the reviews you are looking for.

As you know I’m not a professional food reviewer, but I simply enjoy good food, a good experience and visiting new places, so all my reviews are simply my own opinion 🙂


As I live in London, I end up going out quite often. I’m organising this section per areas, not necessarily matching all London areas, but matching those I visit the most.

South West
I happen to live in the south west, but it’s also the area I love the most in London, including: Chiswick, Richmond, Kingston, Chelsea, Fulham, Battersea…. love it! So this is the area I will have the most reviews and know better.

Chiswick is another place I really love. From the parks to the high street and loads of good restaurants.

  • Jackson and Rye – Really good cocktails and brunches
  • Artisan Coffee – Really tasty coffee
  • Franco Manca – Best pizza in London! They are kept simple and stone-oven baked as a good pizza should!
  • La Mancha – spanish restaurant
  • High Road Brasserie – Expensive brunch but still a lovely place to visit once
  • Outsider Tart – I love this place! They have really tasty American style pancakes and a really good bakery (their cheesecakes are so good!) It’s also a good place to get some work done during the week.
  • Crepe Affair – A good place for crepes

This is where I live 🙂 Recommended visit to the Kew Gardens and to all the lovely restaurants in the area.

  • One over the ait – This is the new pub in Kew Bridge and an amazing place to go to.
  • Hammonds – Excellent butchers! If you’re trying to find good quality meet and some other locally sources products this is the place to go. The bread is really good too! And the eggs, so fresh!
  • The Stables – Known for pizza & cider located in Kew Bridge. Also offers outdoors sitting

This is where my heart is in London. I’m one of those that would love to have a wood bench with some words saying: “To MissLilly and her love for this park” as a memorial. Love the park, love the little stores in town, love to walk along the river. It’s just the place I wish I could afford to live.

  • Revolution, Richmond
  • The Farmery – Best waffles ever with frozen yoghurt
  • Muriel’s Kitchen – Afternoon Tea review
  • Pig’s Ears – Really good meat and excellent variety of beers. For those of you that like to drink half a pint so you can try a few more, this will be the place for you
  • Urban Dinner – They have some really nice brunch options and good burgers

Central London 
Based on the note above, what I define as central might not be the proper definition. For me I include places like Picadilly and Soho as central, for some people it’s only the area around the city that is considered central.

East London
This is an area I don’t tend to explore as often (since I’m a west girl anyway), but I wish it was closer by so I could try all the good places. Anything after Soho is already quite East for me.

I’ve spent around 2 years working in Bristol, so I  had the chance to go out for dinner quite often in the area. Food wise it’s the place to be. There’s always a food festival or drinks festival in the area, lots of good local shops and very good restaurants. For the fish lovers even better!

  • Piccolino, Cabot Circus, Bristol – Really good italian restaurant. Recommend to stay outdoors
  • San Carlo – Another really good italian place to go
  • The Ox – The best steak in Bristol. If you go before 19h on Monday you can get a cheaper menu
  • Boston tea party – Coffee – Best coffee in UK, heads down
  • Nomu – Japanese – Really good sashimi. Although my favourite japanese place in Bristol is Bento Boss. I don’t have any review yet
  • La Tomatina – A good place for Tapas @ College Green
  • Cherry Duck – For a “luxurious” night out (now closed)
  • Zaza Bazaar – All you can eat from all over the world
  • Thai Edge – Thai food @ Harbourside
  • River Station @ Harbourside – English food, the menu changes quite often but tends to be really tasty all the time
  • The Pump House @ Harbourside – Known as the gin pub (they have a “sommelier” just for gin, as they have more than 400 of them available), this is also a gastro pub and they offer food & wine pairings. The food really took me by surprise
  • Cau – Although Cau is a chain, their specially steak is really good!
  • The Stable – This is where I’ve tried the Stable for the first time. Really funky pizza options and a really good choice for ciders

Other Places around UK

I consider Lisbon as “home”, although I was not even born there. But it’s a city with so much to offer and food wise it’s a paradise! There’s a lot of places that I know, but I was not doing food reviews at that time, so I’ll have to catch up and revisit a few old places. Please watch out for this space

Other places in Europe

Note: This page will be constantly updated as I have more reviews posted in my blog. Thank you

For my Zomato reviews please click here.


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