.: A meat Paradise @ Pitt Cue Co :.

Last weekend (and precisely because it was the Carnival long weekend), the weather was rubbish! I can’t recall a year where that weekend was a good one. So it was the perfect opportunity to go out for lunch with some friends. After a lot of arguing we’ve agreed to try Pitt Cue Co @ Soho.

You know those places that take you by surprise? This was one of them! From the top you just see the small bar, but there’s a small space downstairs – quite cosy I would say – but then the friendly service and the food menu. Suddenly you realise this is not just a burger place, I would say it’s a temple of meat. And so many good flavours!!! The chicken was superb, I had one of the specials which was delicious too.

Look at this, seriously, so yummy

Everyone on our table was like: “Oh my God this is so good!!!” and it was! I’m sure we’ll all be back more often.

If you plan to visit on the weekend try to go a bit earlier because the space is quite small, so there are not many tables available

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