.: Birthday dinner in Marylebone :.

Even though it was my birthday yesterday we were feeling so tired from our weekend in Brussels (and still so full after the waffles) we ended up not going for dinner. Instead we just had some bread and watched a movie together 🙂

But as I was working in the city today, we’ve decided to go for a dinner together and at least I managed to get a glimpse of the christmas lights

(Photo taken from google)

Our choice was Le Relais de Venise l’entrecote, which as the name says, it’s a french restaurant. It was actually a recommendation from a friend of mine a while ago now, but we never had the chance to go.

They only serve one dish and they hold no reservations,  but the fact is they get quite full since they open at 18h! Because it’s mid week I went at 18h20, and I can say we managed to get one of the last tables

We were quickly served with the house salad

The meat is really tender and tasty. Really love the sauce as well! And I can tell you the portions are really well served. After we finish the main dish, they serve you with a bit more.

But as I also knew the desserts were good, I’ve saved myself for something sweet (yes even after all the chocolates and waffles!!!)

We had the creme brulet and the gateau

Overall the location is really good, the food as well and the service was quite efficient and friendly too! Worth the visit indeed

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