.: Tapas in Bristol :.

You know what? The more I think about it – the more I see myself living in Bristol one day! There’s so many good restaurants around, lots of nice events on the weekends (when I’m never there) and such a good vibe overall. Yes, seriously one day I think I would like to move out. It’s so much easier to have a good quality of life!

What’s the point of living in London if a) I’m rarely here b) I can’t enjoy all the city has to offer. In Bristol I find that it’s a lot easier to enjoy what’s around you and people seem a lot happier as well.

Last week was freezing cold – literally! (Some of my colleagues had the pleasure of enjoying some snow. I haven’t seen any 😦 You see, being Portuguese snowing seems a pretty exotic event for us)  but still I managed to have a nice food-week.

On my first night went for cream mushroom soup & mussels

Yummy soup, perfect for a winter cold night

Yummy mussels are yummy

I love these mussels with tachers sauce! It’s a shame they seem to have changed the recipe a bit, and there’s almost no sauce now.

On the 2nd night I’ve decided that I wanted some spanish food, so headed for La Tomatina. La Tomatina is located just in front of college green

As I went middle of the week and it was so cold outside, the place was almost empty.

The staff was friendly throughout the meal. I’ve decided to go for the bread platter (Pan rustico) which is served with olive oil. Perfect combination, isn’t it?

A lot of bread for one!!!

Calamares con alioli and gambas al aglio (which was the best in my view).

The garlic sauce from the prawns was sooo good

2 tapas and the bread was more than enough for one person, so I didn’t had any more space for dessert. So overall I would say it’s worth the visit. Ideally you should go with a bigger group so you can try different things.

On my 3rd night I went out with a friend to Bordeaux Quay. I had the special fish of the day – which it seems was the special of the next day too. Next day I went there for a business lunch as well. The place is quite big and it seems now they’ve added a bakery as well. Will try to buy some bread on Thursday (if I don’t forget!!!)

What you’re favourite restaurant in Bristol? I’m looking forward to go to the Ox again! Same for Bento Boss.

3 thoughts on “.: Tapas in Bristol :.

  1. I work near College Green and have never been to La Tomatina! Glad you enjoyed the food though. I’ve just blogged about my current favourite food venue: The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer. It’s a pub, but the food is excellent.
    You should totally make the move from London to Bristol; I did!


    • I Lisa, maybe we can meet one day, as I work in the harbourside Mon-Thur 🙂 I wish I could move there, but I’m not even sure for how long I will be working in Bristol for now. But looking forward to that one day I’ll move. Never tried the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer before, so I’ll check your review and will go there soon 😀 Wish you a lovely week ahead


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