.: In the mood for Italian food :.

This week it went a lot colder… for those of you that follow “A song of fire and ice” the words “winter is coming” will sound familiar! I’m actually with a cold now pfff

Anyway, this week ended up going to Japanese again, and Japanese in Bristol means Bento Boss – one of the best japanese places I had ever went in UK. It’s soooo good

Then for 2 nights in a row I went Italian. First night Piccolino , which is conveniently located within Cabot Circus. I ended up going for steak, quite tasty choice! Don’t advise the pizza though, it seems it’s quite disappointing.

Yesterday night though, even if I was feeling like skipping dinner and going to bed, I really wanted to try San Carlo

San Carlo is a chain, but it’s restaurants are quite well know for the good quality. The one in Bristol doesn’t disappoint at all. First of all really nice decor and friendly service.

There’s loads of good and tempting options in the menu. I would recommend the Tagliolini Lobster  which I’ll have next time. Last night I went for Salmon

Really tasty. But overall I’ve enjoyed the whole experience and I’m sure I’ll be back quite often.


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