.: It’s chicken time! @ Clockjack London :.

“Life is too short for bad chicken”

On a Sunny Sunday in London I was more than keen on having a proper chicken for lunch. You see, being a Portuguese in UK you really get tired of arguing that Nando’s is not portuguese food, in many of the places the chicken is quite dry. This was not the case at all @ ClockJack. In fact, the meat was really tender and cooked as it should be.
I’m jumping ahead 🙂

ClockJack is really easy to spot in the heart of Picadilly. Because it’s on a side street it’s not noisy at all, and feels very quiet. The environment is really friendly and engaging. Really easy to feel young, as you will find many young people socializing. Perfect right?
The menu is very straightforward and chicken is the Queen of the house, although they have other good options on the menu as well. I went for chicken. I’ve also ordered a few side sauces, both the smoked BBQ and the garlic one were really good. Fries are really yummy as well. I’ve also ordered the grilled vegetables – good choice!

1/4 of chicken – Looks proper chicken to me!

Sauces and grilled vegetables

For dessert we had the special cake of the day, a tart with fruit on top, the perfect ending. Overall I’ll be back more often, it was a very good visit.


Thanks to Zomato for inviting me to visit 🙂

  • Location: 4/5 – So easy to find!
  • Food: 4/5 – It’s the best chicken I had so far in London
  • Service: 3.5/5 – Friendly and efficient
  • Drinks: 4/5 – A few good beers and juices

Wish you a great weekend! I’m going on holidays!


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