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I really enjoy travelling along UK and exploring all the different places. There’s a lot more then London, believe me!

Places I’ve been so far:


House & Gardens 



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Highlights and Useful Information


There’s so much to see and do in London that it would take me forever! Loads of free museums, my favourites are: the British Museum, the imperial war Museum and the national portrait gallery. The Natural History Museum is gorgeous just for the main room alone. Then there’s Picadilly Circus and Oxford Street, Carnaby Steet (love this area), Soho, Convent Garden. My favourite area for a nice walk is the south west. Notthing Hill, South Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chiswick, Kingston & Richmond!

All you can imagine is in London. Restaurants from all over the world, little corners like chinatown that transport you to a complete different world and good coffee places (thanks for that!). Just walking along the river or exploring the big parks is brilliant.

And the cherry on the cake is when it finally snows in London. Which happens so rarely!

Useful Information


  • London City Airport – Not many airlines travel to this tiny airport, but if you’re lucky this is the quickest way to get into the city centre and it’s very quick to go through the security controls. I believe there are mostly flights from Zurich and Dusseldorf.
  • Heathrow Airport – This is the main airport. All airlines travel here, except low cost ones. Heathrow has good shopping areas and good lounges too, but it’s always extremely busy! Going through security control can take a while sometimes, it can range from 5m to 30m. It will be quicker if you have an electronic passport. When travelling to London city centre the cheapest way – and sometimes the quicker – is taking the Picadilly Line (50m to Kings Cross). You also have the train to London Paddington (west London). If you really want to take a taxi make sure you book it in advance, it can save you a lot of money, believe me. Example: If I book in advance I can travel to Terminal 1 by £18, if I don’t, it’s £50 with no traffic. All black cabs put an extra charge if they’re travelling from Heathrow, and let’s just say London is expensive enough. Note, I live in west London and I’m talking of a 15m ride. To the city centre count with 30m no traffic.
  • London Gatwick – I use this airport quite a lot because it’s the easyjet main one. If you’re flying easyjet and you need to check in your bag please go quite a lot in advance, the check in queues can be up to 1h! It’s pretty stressful. Apart from that this airport works really well and is more efficient than Heathrow is. There are frequent trains from London Gatwick to London Victoria which take around 40 /45m. A train ticket costs around £14 one way but you can buy in advance and get some nice deals. You can also take the easybus but it will take you longer. Don’t recommend taxi from this airport as traffic tends to be pretty bad always.
  • Luton – Quite far, but it’s a low cost airline airport and I believe there’s some decent trains to London Euston. Also you can get the easybus but count with 2h to get into the city centre.
  • Standstead – Same as Luton, pretty convenient if you’re travelling to Cambridge. I took the easybus once (£2 tickets) and it’s a convenient option but it takes ages, more than 2h because there was an accident on the m25….
  • London Southend on sea – I’ve never seen many flights from this airport, but this is pretty far from London, not even sure which transport options are available.


  • Reliably unreliable! Always bring a t-shirt for good weather, a good jumper and an umbrella. You can have really nice weather in April and it can be very cold in August and rainy, so you never know.
  • There’s rarely any smog
  • Normally it doesn’t rain, just drizzles and stays cloudy for weeks in a row.
  • It only snows once or twice a year if at all but it looks pretty cool when it snows (You can see some photos here)
  • It’s not really cold, normally it doesn’t go lower than -2, but it may feel like really cold because of the humidity.
  • You may have summer if it’s a good year, or else it will just be a few random days


  • National dishes are Tikka Masala, Sandwiches, Sunday Roast and Fish & Chips ahahahahha pretty much
  • You have amazing restaurants from all cuisines in the world available in London, which is so great! Pub food can be great too. Some of the pubs are actually quite cosy and excellent places to rest a bit.
  • Zomato is growing quite a lot in London, so it’s a very good app to check restaurants near you, check the menu and see reviews online.

For the full guide please click here. If there’s anything in particular you would like to know feel free to contact me. It can even be what’s the best airport for you or areas where to stay 🙂


This is a gorgeous area within England. There’s load of little villages which seem to be frozen in time, like Burton on the Water. If you haven’t been there you should give it ago. Natural beauty all over the place. The perfect weekend relax

For more of the Cotswolds click here (for my main blog) and here. If you want to check the official tourism website click here.


I love Oxford, it’s such a gorgeous town to visit, but it tends to be extremely busy! Lovely the library, the little restaurants, the Church (which inspired the movie scenes from Harry Potter) and all the students around.

For more pictures click here and here.


Cambridge same as Oxford is a well known student city, and it’s quite a beautiful one. I tend to visit Oxford more often just because it’s a lot closer to me, but I actually miss Cambridge too.

For more pictures click here.


Photo from google as I couldn’t find any decent one on my computer

I visited Bristol a few times before ending up working here anyway. It’s a lovely city and I can imagine myself easily living here. There’s loads of good restaurants and way cheaper than London. Good bars, good environment and lots of young people around (probably thanks to the University). The areas I love the most are the Clifton Hill (which has an amazing view over the city) and the Bristol Harbourside, again lots of good restaurants in this area. And you should also visit St. Nicolas Market which is open all year around to grab some nice food.

Bristol is also quite reach in events, with food markets, beer events, cocktail week (October) and the well known Ballon Festival (in May).

For more of Bristol please check here (main blog) and here. Also I follow a few Bristol Blogs, like Bristol in my Pocket or the Bristol Eating Adventures.

Useful information:

  • The airport is located 30m away from the city centre. There’s a bus available from the city centre to the airport. A taxi ride will cost you £24.
  • The main train station is Bristol Temple Meads which has good connections with the major cities in UK. A journey to London Paddington takes 1h45m (roughly).
  • For shopping you can visit the new Cabot Circus shopping centre which is open until 20h / 21h. There’s also a nice cinema in the centre.


I think I’ve been in Portsmouth 2 times already and it’s a lovely place to go, especially over summer time. Love the area in the docklands and a walk along the sea.

For more pictures please click here.

English Riviera

This is quite a popular destination for summer holidays. I haven’t had the chance to explore much yet, just Torquay. Can hardly wait to actually go to Cornwall.

For more photos click here.


Winchester is a really small town, but it’s one of the oldest in UK. Just the Cathedral alone is worth the visit. This is also the place that inspired the story of King Arthur and the round table.

For more photos please click here.

Lake District

On my way to Scotland I had the chance to stop by Lake District, which on it’s own it’s a beautiful place and deserves full attention. I have to get back!

For the full pictures click here or here.


I’m in love with Scotland, I really am. It’s so beautiful, so peaceful (I know some people will disagree with the peaceful side, depending on where you are). But the countryside is simply gorgeous and I haven’t seen any of it. I need to get back.

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