.: Best pizza in UK is… :.

For this Saturday I’ve decided to sleep longer and then go for Pizza @ Franco Manca in Chiswick – which was on my wishlist for ages!!!

Franco Manca is one of these places you really must visit at least once! I have to agree with the previous comments on Zomato and say it’s indeed the best pizza in UK, but more than that, it’s the best price/quality pizza I’ve ever had outside Italy. So good!

The menu
As simple as it gets! They have some specials posted on the wall and then the classic pizzas. If you’re good enough you can keep it simple right? This is precisely what they do! You can add some special toppings if you want.

Decor | Ambience
Simple decor, but fits the concept perfectly! I feel in love with the stone oven, as it reminded me the stone work my grandad used to do. He would love it, have to show him the picture once I go there 🙂

The tiles on the floor match the oven:

The choice of drinks is not very big, but who needs big anyway! First of all, as soon as you join the table you are presented with filter water for free: THANKS! For the restaurant it doesn’t cost much, but for me it means a lot in terms of service. Back to the menu, I went for the lemonade and I have to say: what a great choice. It’s not a regular lemonade, but it seems to be mixed with honey & cinnamon – I was trying to guess what it was making it taste so special. It’s good and refreshing.

The Food
Yummy to say the list! My pizza was just perfect. You know when you have food that makes you smile? Yap, this is what I had. I felt so happy

Have a look at this gorgeous sexy pizza, so good you can’t stop!

When you see the price you’ll even enjoy it more. We’ve paid less than £10 pounds for all this good food, can you believe that? And oh, the service is good too, staff is really friendly. So yes I’m sure I’ll be back more often, I really have to!

What’s the best pizza you’ve ever had?

7 thoughts on “.: Best pizza in UK is… :.

    • Thank you Shannon, I’ve seen the post and it seems delicious indeed! Sometimes good food comes from unexpected places. I remember having street food in Venice that was way better than the restaurants itself. And nothing better than a good pizza. Have a lovely Sunday

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