.: Shoryu Ramen – Soho London :.

After my visit to the delicious Ramen in Dusseldorf I was keen on trying the London Ramen too. I had a few places on my wishlist – inspired by Zomato 😀 (Kanada Ya – which I had tried to go with some friends, but after such a massive queue we gave up; Shoryu Ramen – there’s 3 of them and Tonkotsu), and today we’ve decided to go to Shoryu. I couldn’t believe there was no queue!!! Maybe because it’s Sunday

Once we’ve got inside I was in love with the decoration, modern but cosy at the same time. The service was also quite friendly throughout the meal. I really have to admit that I prefer places like this, not pretentious with honest good food rather than places where they seem to be trying to grab michelin starts and a shitty service. Not for me.

Shoryu also has a really good choice of sake, but as I was not in the mood for alcohol today I went for a still water and he went for a lager.

Anyway back to Shoryu, the menu had lots of really good choices, not just Ramen but there’s other dishes as well. I was stupid enough not to check the recommendations from Zomato:  you should try this: Hakata Tetsunabe Gyoza, Tori Kara Age Men, Dracula Tonkotsu). He had the Hakata Tonkotsu and I had the regular Shoryu. You can also add some top ups into your Ramen, but I’ve decided to keep it as is. The Ramen was really tasty, you could feel the ginger, so yummy. Quite filling as well.

We’ve also ordered Atsuage as a side dish, pretty delicious as well.

Overall, really tasty Ramen and I’m sure we’ll be back!
Location wise really close to Picadilly Circus, so couldn’t be any easier!

  • Food: yummy ramen 4.5/5
  • Service: 4.5/5
  • Location: 5/5
  • Ambience: 4/5

What’s the best Ramen you’ve had so far?

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