.: Brussels – Gourmet Burgers :.

We only arrived around 14h to Brussels, and after checking in at the hotel (which was the longest check-in in a long while!!!) we were quite hungry. Because he loves burgers and I just wanted something fast we’ve decided to explore a restaurant really close to our hotel, which actually was known for the best burgers in Brussels.

Ellis is located close to a famous fishmonger – Nordzee – in the city centre. So location wise couldn’t be any better

The Decor
Ellis is quite a casual place but it feels also very trendy. Could easily imagine it as part of Shoreditch in London, it’s a cool place to go. At almost 15h it was still quite full, we had to wait a bit for a table at the bar:

The menu
The menu has quite good options around burgers. I’ve really enjoyed the signature selection alongside with a bit of history from the restaurant.

The best part of the menu is the beer!!! Belgium beer, could hardly wait to get started

I went for one of the gourmet burgers, and I was quite puzzled to see it served as a toast:

So let’s try to find the burger, quite hidden in the toast. Maybe this is a english breakfast!

After I recovered from the bread shock, it was time to give a first bite. Meh…. felt a bit like a deja-vu from Dublin, where the meat was just boiled. But I have to say flavour-wise was better. It’s a shame they didn’t grill it and serve it in a proper bread. The french fries were really good as well as the sauce.

And did I mention the beer already? So good!

So overall, it’s a nice place to go. In fact we went there on our last lunch to try other burgers. The service is nice, the environment is nice, just the burgers could be a bit better. Grill them please! Merci

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