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Being Portuguese I had to create a dedicated guide just for Portugal, starting with my favourite city Lisbon.

Lisbon | Lisboa

I’m not at all surprise why Lisbon keeps on showing in all the travel guides. It’s a capital in Europe like no other. Famous for it’s 7 hills (or loads more!) the views are amazing. The weather is great, the food delicious and cheap. What are you waiting for to book your trip?

Main areas within Lisbon

* Down-town (Rossio, Alfama, Castelo de Sao Jorge, Bairro Alto (Perfect spot for going out in the evening), Principe Real (there’s loads of good restaurants in this area)
* Sintra – Sintra has a very special place in my heart! So close to Lisbon yet seems worlds apart. It’s basically a lovely village in the mountains, with this romantic castles and views to die for. Totally recommended

* Cascais – Another lovely place to visit. It’s a beautiful city along the river. All the coast line from Sintra, down to Cascais and then along the river until Lisbon is a must do, either by car or by train.

* South Lisbon – All the coastline south Lisbon is really nice too! Like Costa da Caparica or Portinho da Arrabida, closer to Setubal.

Useful information

  • Local Currency: EUR
  • Language: Portuguese – Most people understand English & French
  • 1 airport in the city centre – Taxi to city centre costs around €10. There’s also underground €1.50 or bus €1.50. You can check the transports more convenient to you in this website (available in English)
  • Want to check restaurant options? Visit the Zomato Lisbon Food Guides
  • Please make sure you try one of the rooftop bars! They have nice cocktails and amazing views over Lisbon.
  • During June you will also have the famous city parties – where each of the Lisbon Counties will have it’s own parade. It’s a special time in the city where everyone is celebration outside, everyone is dancing and there’s lots of flower decor. around

Famous Food

  • Bacalhau (Cod Fish)


  • Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese custards) – These are my favourite!!! Love them! There’s also a very special variety called: Pasteis de Belem. You can only eat these in Belem in the local patisserie. They taste really nice because they tend to be served warm. Don’t forget to put a bit of cinammon on top

  • Frango assado (Chicken Piri Piri) – Our grilled chicken is a reality far away from Nando’s in UK. We had a Nando’s once in my home town and it closed, in the 90’s I believe. Then he become successful in South Africa, which lead to the concept moving into UK. The Portuguese version of it – as served in south Portugal – uses smaller chicken and it’s grilled in a garlic sauce, then we apply the piri piri on top of it. The meat becomes really juicy

  • Grilled Sardines – Another favourite, especially in Lisbon although again the tradition comes from south Portugal as well. In order to enjoy the sardines you should place them on top of a slice of bread and let the fat soak into the bread, then you use another hand to eat it, by flaking it

  • Ginjinha (this is a sweet liquor made out of cherry)  and it’s normally served in a small chocolate cup

  • Travesseiros de Sintra (Puff pastry, almond and egg)

  • Coffee (Ristretto) – For a portuguese Coffee means a ristretto, short, creamy and strong! If you want coffee with milk you need to ask for it specifically, either latte (which we call Galao) or capuccino. In Lisbon you can ask for a coffee by using the term “bica”. We love our coffee followed by a pastel de nata.

  • Seafood – Portuguese people love seafood and fish in general and we’re used to having plenty of it. It’s actually quite cheap – as compared with other places in europe. Every time I go to Portugal I take the opportunity to eat loads of sea food and fish

Useful websites

Please click the link below for more Lisbon photos & restaurants

Porto | Geres

Porto is an amazing city, and deserves full attention. I would recommend a Porto wine tasting tour or a cruise over river Douro to visit the vineyards.

You should also try Francesinha, one of the best sandwiches in the world (although I know people that don’t really like it, because it’s just too massive, the challenge is to be able to finish one)

Geres is a perfect spot for mountain holidays

For more pictures please click here.

South Portugal | Algarve

Not only it’s the coastline, but it has nice mountains to explore as well.

For more photos please click here.

Any additional Information please feel free to contact me directly and I will try to help!

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