.: Fishy, Fishy – Brighton :.

As the title suggests, it’s really a fish restaurant, but when in Brighton – or any other coastal city – that’s what you should aim for. I was quite keen on going for fish, as I miss it quite a lot (my parents would never believe I’m saying this, but I do!). It’s hard to buy good fish in any UK regular supermarket. Sorry, but it’s not convenient to cross the whole city to buy fish in a fishmonger. The ones available at the regular supermarkets don’t have much of a choice. Basically salmon – which I love by the way – unsalted cod (say what? Portuguese people need proper salted cod fish, but oh well) and some other random stuff. So yes, if I have the chance to find a good fish restaurant – or a good restaurant with some nice fish options – that’s what I go for.

Fishy Fishy is located in the heart of Brighton and has a lovely decoration. We’ve said “outdoors”, well actually it’s a covered outdoor, like a patio but surrounded by glass walls. Perfect to enjoy a bit of sun

As a plus, they had Portuguese Green wine (Vinho Verde). This is the perfect wine for fish

We started with the artisan bread, which was soooooo delicious!!! Olive oil and balsamic vinegar and good bread just makes my day. I’m so basic, but I don’t mind 🙂

I went for the crab linguine which was delicious! It had some chillies, so it was a bit spicy, but not too much, in the perfect quantity for my taste

And I know I said I wanted fish, but I also love pasta with “sea food”

He went for the fish and chips, wish was really good! It was not your regular bunch of oil with something similar to fish in the middle. It was proper fish

We had coffee was well and although it was not espresso the way I like it, the flavour was quite good. Have to say as well the service was really good throughout the meal. Totally recommended

  • Location: 5/5
  • Service: 4.5/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Ambient: 4/5
  • Choice of drinks: 5/5 – it has vinho verde!!!!
  • Choice of menu: 5/5 – it has some non fish dishes, pasta and lots of good options for fish. Don’t forget to ask what the catch of the day is

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