.: Burgers and boats :.

Burgers and boats? Such an unusual title, and I say why not?

Today was the first autumn day in London, it was rainy and a bit cold most of the day – so far we had quite good weather (amazing I know!!) so we ended up going for lunch at Westfield. Because I hadn’t been in Byron for a while so this is precisely where we went:

They had a special in the menu,

but I ended up going for my preferred choice: classic burger + portobello mushroom – medium rare

Hum… never disappoints! Really tasty

Obviously after burger and fries – and since the rain finally stopped and it was all blue skies (yap, almost out of nothing we jumped from cloudy and rainy to sunny as the rain had never happened!) it was time for a walk. And what’s my favourite place for walks? Richmond. I love Richmond, such a lovely small village and good environment. All we need is there and then the river and Richmond Park. (If only I could afford to live there)

Then not happy enough with the burger and since the calories where gone, I decided to refill with happy calories @ The Farmery, a delicious waffle with frozen yoghurt and strawberries. Calories never tasted any better, so good!

I won’t be having any dinner. In fact it’s 22h now and that was 18h, still not hungry, but it was worth it!

So I guess this time was a journey near home, and those can be really good too 🙂

P.s If you want to check my reviews, please visit my Zomato account.

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