.: Cabaret evening – Privee London :.

Thanks to Zomato I was invited to visit Privee Knightsbridge, London for an original night out. Not only it included the dinner but also entertainment, as Privee is also a Cabaret.

I have to say thanks for the previous reviews which helped me manage my expectations. I was fearing I could have a disappointment but that didn’t happen.
I even knew I was going to miss the location first time, which I did. If you come from the main road it will be a little door just before the Lebanese restaurant (nr 2 – I’m including a google street location to the exact place. In the evening you will most likely miss it).

The lounge itself looks pretty nice and the service was friendly throughout. We were guided to a cosy room – which I knew it wasn’t the main one and we got a front table. Again having read the previous reviews I was concerned we would miss the show, but after a while I was like: you know what? I’ll enjoy it whatever comes.

I started with the Lebanese wine – because I had seen good reviews and because I had never tried one. I had white (to match my main) and he had the red. Both quite nice.

(The lights where changing all the time, so I was struggling to photograph the food!)

I went for the Manakish Cheese as a starter, which was way more filling that I was expecting. It’s pretty nice actually.


Then I went for the salmon with pasta. I would prefer some vegetables with the salmon but nevermind. The salmon was creamy and tasty but not memorable.


For the dessert I went for the Baklawas – which I found to be too sweet for me (and I couldn’t eat any more at this stage, was feeling too full).

(Before I had the chance to photograph it, he had a bite on it)

The champagne at the end of the meal was also quite nice.

Because I went on a Friday evening, the show was Burlesque. It started at 21h with a comedian which was pretty entertaining and engaging the whole night. As for the Burlesque itself, we had 4 acts (first with the 2 ladies, then one act individually and duet again). It was nice for someone who has never seen it before, but didn’t felt that extraordinary either. As a plus we also had an international belly dancer. She was pretty good.

Sorry but as I was standing right in the front table I didn’t took any photos from the ladies!

Price wise, the menu is £30 and includes 1 glass of champagne, the show itself is £25 per person. Any drinks will be extra. Also be mindful that there is an additional 12.5% service charge, so it’s not cheap!
So overall it was quite an entertaining night. Would not be back for the food, but as some of you said, it’s a one-off event and it’s a recommended experience. And yes, if you don’t want to be engaged avoid the front tables. Normally we don’t like to be engaged, we were but it turned out to be quite good fun.

  • Food: ok 3/5
  • Service: 3.5/5
  • Location: 5/5
  • Ambience: 4/5
  • Entertainment factor: 4/5

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