.: The Stable Bristol :.

Finally I managed to visit The Stable in Bristol. We were discussing the fact that Bristol has really good restaurants when someone mentioned The Stable. 3 pints of Guinness down the line it felt like the best idea ever and that’s precisely were we went.

If you pass by it, you’ll know by now it smells beautifully every single time!

Photo from google

The Stable is quite well know by the pizzas & ciders. I didn’t try the cider this time, but will be back for more.

The place is quite big, like a big Stable indeed. The staff was quick to find us a table but forgot to explain that we could only order at the bar. So after waiting 30m we’ve decided to go there and ask for our food.

Photo from http://gingeybites.com  – Inside The Stable

The pizzas not only smell beautifully but they also taste really nice. My pizza

Pizza with egg? Just because I can!

Tasty, crunchy as a pizza should be. The flavour was simple but really good. Really good value for money.

It’s the perfect place to go with friends to enjoy cider & pizza and just relax. Will be back again

Location: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Choice of drinks and overall menu: 4/5

The best – The pizzas
Could be improved – The service

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