.: Food Moments in Lisbon Part II :.

Yap, expect a few more posts like this! It was quite a gastronomical week
For Sunday, my choice was the Lisbon Restaurant Week, an event that happens in major cities and aims to allow people to enjoy the fancier restaurants at more reasonable prices. Part of the money goes to charity as well.

Since Sunday was the last day I had to take advantage of it. My choice was a beautiful restaurant in my favourite place: Sintra.

Arola is located at the heart of Penha Longa, a gorgeous park in Sintra (I wish I could afford to live here!!!!)

Photo from the official website

Outside view

One does not simply resist a place like this!

You feel posh just for getting in! The place is just as it looks on the pictures above. We were welcomed by a big smile and guided to our table. Oh joy, the light around us!

Table decor

We were offered the covert: bread, with tomato and garlic. Every dish was always followed by an explanation of the ingredients and why they were put together

In this case, in old times people used to smash the garlic against the bread and then spread the tomato on top with olive oil. So good!

Millers gin tonic

Tip: Even though you won’t find any Portuguese Gins on the Gin Menu, you can ask for it. On this particular day, they actually had Sharish. Also, on the main restaurant of the hotel they have more than 100 different gins!

The starter was carpaccio

So delicious!!! It had apple, onion and pistaccio. Well all I know is the combination was perfect!

Crab pate – so good too!

But the best was yet to come, the famous batatas bravas

Batatas bravas

You can’t resist these! Sooooo good!

Everyone went for the meat as the main dish, I went for the fish and I have to say what a great choice it was!

Fish with asparagus, almond and curry sauce

Finally, we had greek yoghurt for dessert, again it didn’t disappoint either!

Such a yummy yoghurt!


Overall I was delighted with the experience. The place is absolutely stunning and the service was as it should be: Professional, elegant and personal at the same time. Better than many posh pretentious restaurants I’ve been. Would be back for sure!

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