.: A food weekend in London :.

Oh boy, it was quite a food weekend! As I had friends with me this weekend visiting London, I ended up eating always outside (except for breakfast). For lunch on Sunday I wanted to try out the best Ramen in the city (Kanada Ya) but the queue was quite massive so we ended up giving up and joining Burger & Lobster instead.

Shall we start?

I had a short walk around Canabary Street first, which looks lovely with the Christmas decorations:

(I managed to catch a Paddington – there’s a couple of them spread across the city)

(Great strawberry lemonade)

(Jumbo lobsters)

My lobster – oh boy I had to fight with it! The little salad on the side was really delicious

Next stop after walking around was a lovely capuccino at Flat White. I’ve discovered Flat White via Zomato by checking the best coffees in London. Thanks for putting this list together! I didn’t photographed my coffee because it was a take away. On the bad side I would say the service was really slow, we had to wait quite a bit for our coffees, but at least they were quite tasty

Then we had a walk along the river but it was so cold!!!

For dinner we went to Byrons and we felt quite lucky to get a table immediately. I have to say that it was so cold outside I felt really grateful.

This morning breakfast at home and a late lunch @ Spaghetti House

I’ve started with a fresh lemonade, really tasty! Best lemonade in a long while

Out starter would actually be a nice meal for one

For main I had spaghetti bolognese, not that awesome but quite ok

Then I had a delicious capuccino from illy (thanks!)

Then more walking and a bit of shopping in crowded London

Finally we had some waffles at Amorino and a delicious vanilla tea

Such a delicious waffle

And now I’m home suffering with my brand new cold…. pffff Wish you all a great week ahead

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