.: A bunch of happy calories :.

After Sauna & massage, I was more than ready for lunch! Because I’m trying to go to different places, I had booked a table @ Jackson & Rye in Chiswick . The weekend menu includes both Brunch and Mains.

We were immediately served with tap water, and as you know I really appreciate it!

The decor is really lovely, feels very cosy. It must be quite pleasant to eat outside as well.

Also worth to mention they have really nice cocktails. I had seen some photos online already, and when I arrived I saw this one on the bar. Had to try it out:

I have to say it was a success! I had a lady asking me what my drink was, and a couple of other people around were looking at the cocktail too. If there’s any male reading this, have a go, maybe it will open up a good reason for some ladies to talk to you haahahhaha

For main I went for one of the brunch options: rump steak and fried eggs (I know I shouldn’t be having fried eggs or fries, oh well, but they feel so yummy!!!)

He had the Cajun chicken and he was absolutely in love. I had a bit and it was really tasty. So juicy!!!!

Not happy with all the calories above, I still wanted to try dessert. My choice was the cheesecake and really good! Not to sweet but still quite delicious. Good choice. Love the presentation too.

Overall really good choice. Jackson & Rye is conveniently located in the Chiswick High Road, good place to sit outdoors, perfect place for relaxing over the weekend. The staff was quite friendly and the mood was good too. Food-wise I’m happy. I think I will go back. It doesn’t beat the pizzas though! But they are different styles. Next time will have just a regular breakfast and no cocktails.

Then I was craving for an espresso before walking back home. This time I went to patisserie Valerie. Not only they have really good cakes, but they serve illy coffee and they do know about what a single espresso means.

Time to head back home. Ahhh it was a good day indeed


What’s your favourite place for brunch?

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