.: It’s all about food – Bill’s Westfield :.

To celebrate another Friday (all of them deserve to be celebrated) I was quite keen on going out for dinner. Sometimes all I want is to go home and enjoy my couch. But this was not one of those Fridays.

I ended up deciding to go to Westfield because of the choice of restaurants. We normally end up going either to Byron’s or to the restaurants on the 1st floor, like the Vietnamese Pho. We wanted something less fast-food and more service oriented. We struggled to find a place we wanted to go and I believe it’s due to the fact of us being spoiled by our holidays in Lisbon (ahhh the food is so great there and so cheap! Can I go back soon?) Back to reality, we’re back into fish & chips land.

The choice this time Bill’s. I’ve been in Bill’s in Convent Garden and Bill’s in Richmond but although it’s a really good place for a brunch I’ve never been quite impressed with the mains.

This time though, it was different and I guess the main reason was due to the service of the staff. It was really friendly, we felt really cosy and welcomed.  And then I saw vinho verde in the menu. 5 points for Griffindor!

Note: Vinho Verde is a Portuguese young wine with a light sparkling flavour. It’s a really fresh with fruity and floral aromas. I would say it’s the perfect drink for summer and fish.

For starters we had the giant olives & the fried squid. Quite good actually – but everything tastes better with vinho verde.

For the main I went for the sea bream with linguine. Yes, that’s correct, grilled fish with pasta! That’s a combination I never thought I would try, but it was not bad at all.

For dessert we had the blueberry cheesecake. Quite light in flavour which I’ve really enjoyed.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Drinks: 5/5 (good choice of drinks in general, it’s not just because of the vinho verde, or maybe it’s a tiny bit influenced by it!)
Location: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5 – Informal, but quite cosy at the same time. Something between a pub & and italian restaurant decor.

I will be back, most likely for a brunch.

Would like to hear your thoughts

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