.: It’s all about food – Urban Diner – Richmond :.

It was a rainy Saturday and in the middle of our house viewing (yes, after almost 4 years we are back to house hunting!) we had to make a stop for some food. I wasn’t very hungry as I’ve been feeling a bit sick, but he was in mood for a burger.

Urban Diner was one of those places that I kept on saying “One day we have to go there”, so why not today

.: Location :.

Location wise, it’s quite in the centre of Richmond in the shopping area, so you can’t really ask for more. It looks a very small place from the outside, but it’s not that small, there’s a good availability of tables.

.: Decor :.

My first impression was that I loved the tiles – I know, I know, only someone like me to be looking at the flooring, but it’s really lovely

Beautiful flooring, you agree right?

You can clearly see the American inspiration at the bar


I like the t-shirt!

.: The Food :.

Right, let’s talk about the food. They have a very good selection of drinks available, from nice beers (they had a very good stout which I couldn’t drink šŸ˜„ ), wine, juices, cocktails and the regular tea and coffee. As I can’t really drink anything else at the moment, I went for a Mint tea, which was really good

This mug makes me feel at home, having tea with my grandma šŸ™‚

They also have a good brunch selection. Most of the options will contain egg (which I love!) but to my delightful surprise, they had Granola with Yogurt. Hi5! I’m so happy they’ve included on the menu, as it’s a very good brunch option which I’m sure many people will appreciate.

You also have a very good selection of grills, salads and burgers. Yes, obviously he went for the burger, but I’ll let him make his own review on that.

I went for the Granola, which was really delicious and all I wanted to eat really.

Granola with honey, greek yoghurt and banana

It was really really tasty and filling as well. He was glad to have a dessert in the end (as I couldn’t finish it all) šŸ™‚

.: The Service :.

We were quickly welcomed to our table and all the ladies were really friendly and engaging.

.: Summary :.

Well, the conclusion is that I’ll be back for a proper meal soon. It’s worth the visit. I still have to try the cocktails. Price wise as really good as well.

  • Location: 5/5
  • Service: 4/5
  • Food: 4/5 – Really happy with the granola
  • Ambience: 4/5

What’s your favourite place for a Brunch?

Would like to hear your thoughts

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