.: And the best ramen is…. Takumi Dusseldorf :.

Did you know that Dusseldorf has the biggest Japanese community outside Japan in the world? Lots of Japanese companies have placed european headquarters in Dusseldorf. Although I knew this, I never had the chance to really have a meal in dusseldorf in a japanese restaurant, so I couldn’t miss it this time. For more information click here.

After a quick research on the internet I found a Ramen restaurant called Takumi, and oh boy how rigth they were. You know a place is good when there is a queue full of locals. We didn’t had to wait long though, as the service was quick.

We were welcomed by a big gentle smile which warmed my heart, so I was more than excited for our food. The place is quite cosy, such as a real japanese place. In fact you forget easily that you are in germany.

The ramen was so delicious and so warm I could only smile really

This has to be the ultimate comfort food! Pretty healthy too

So I have been researching for the best Ramen spots in UK on Zomato. I’ve listed down 2 which were also recommended by dear Miho from Wander to Wonder

* Kanada Ya, Soho
* Shoryu Ramen, Soho

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