.: Dining in Bristol – Piccolino :.

I had been in Piccolino before with my colleagues, but this week to me was the best! I was lucky enough to get a table outside with the heathers, the environment is just perfect! I have to say I didn’t took any pictures, so I’ll have to use those available on google.

Piccolino is part of a chain, same as San Carlo, it can still keep it’s authenticity. It’s one of those groups that doesn’t disappoint.

It’s perfectly located in the city centre just outside Cabot Circus Shopping and also a few steps away from a Marriott Hotel. It’s a good place to go for a work dinner, or outside for a more cosy environment.

The Service

Last time I was there I felt it was too formal, but this time it felt a bit more personal and relaxed, which I’ve really enjoyed. We had a nice house wine and pasta.

The Food

There’s a lot of good options in the menu. From fish, to pasta, meat or pizzas (I never tried the pizzas before, but some friends say that’s the weakest point)

I think the first time I had the steak which was really tasty and tender:

Yesterday I had the crab linguine, really really tasty! The other guys also had starters and they seem to be pretty good as well

And finally we went for the recommendation: Jamaican coffee (Mount Gay Rum)

So overall it’s a good place to go. I need to try the London one

I also had time to take a few photos from the Christmas market. Mentioning of which I’m going soon to the german christmas markets 😀

Would like to hear your thoughts

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