.: Another food week in Bristol :.

Last week I had lots of good food in Bristol. Indeed Bristol is my favourite city for food – especially for those of you who are fish lovers. Actually I dare say that Bristol is the best quality-life city to live in UK. £1200 you get a 2 bedroom new apartment in the city centre!!!! I’m paying way more to live 40m away from the centre. Oh well. Maybe one day I’ll join the statistics and move out of London too. I guess not for now.

Anyway, I’m enjoying every single week while I work in Bristol. Thus week I went out with friends, so I didn’t took many photos unfortunately. I still feel shy while doing that with colleagues from work. I don’t want to be perceived as un-polite or something.


Monday evening we went with a group of portuguese friends to Zaza Bazaar. This place is next door to me but I had never been inside. Wow, this is huge! It’s the biggest buffet place I’ve ever been.

The place is so big there is a map inside to guide you through!

Once you get in you’ll be assigned 01h45m to finish your meal. For example, our table was booked for 20h, so we could stay until 21h45. During that time you can eat all you want! On Mondays they have a discount, so it’s £10 per person. Really good right? I thought that as a buffet the food wouldn’t be that great, but the quality is quite nice. You have foods from all over the world, so everyone can go to their favourite cuisines.

Mexican Burritos

I’ve also had the pizzas, pretty nice again considering they are part of a buffet.

I had the chinese duck – yummy

Chinese aromatic duck

My favourite was the vietnamese soup, perfect to end your meal

Vietnamese Pho soup – really fresh!

Make sure you save some space for desserts, they are pretty nice

Happy Calories – all you can eat, say what?

So overall it was a really good experience. Hard to believe it was just a tenner! (english slang for £10 – happy that I’m learning some slang ahhahahah)


On Tuesday I went to the thai place (Thai Edge) with some colleagues. The place has a nice modern decor and it’s well located, next door to the Radisson Blu hotel

I have to say the service was absolutely disappointing! The lady was a bit rude to us. We were talking with each other and she almost shouted as us saying we need to order our drinks. Excuse me to you too! We’ve asked for some sharing platters, which I found quite expensive for what they were. £8 per person, that’s a lot!

Photo from google – Seafood sharing platter

I had the stir fried duck, which was quite nice, but nothing really extraordinary.

Photo from google – stir fry duck

Maybe I’ll give it another go, just because it’s a convenient location and a friend has very good reviews from this place. But the service was terrible and the food a bit overpriced for what it was. I still prefer Koh Thai Tapas, as the food is really tasty, cheaper and with way better service (at least the 3 times or more I’ve been there)


Wednesday 12h30 I felt that I hadn’t digested my breakfast yet, so I did something I hadn’t done for ages! I went out. I took a walk along the harbourside. I was actually trying to find this place (The crepe and coffee) and I did, but because there’s almost no space to seat down and it’s freezing I left it for another day and went instead for a quick toasty at Arnolfini Cafe bar.

Quite a big toasty but the capuccino wasn’t great.

For dinner I’ve stayed in the hotel, as I had some slides to finish while I was waiting for my food. I love the soups in the hotel, they tend to be really good and all I need for the evening

Carrot creamy soup… delicious!

I was planning to stay with the soup only, but was tempted for some desserts. Look at this gorgeous piece of happy calories:

Creamy yummy happy calories!!!

Went out for lunch to buy bread @ Bordeaux Quay – they have really nice bread by the way! Then I had a quick lunch @The slug and lettuce

Grilled chicken with peppers and salad

So overall it was a good food week! Well actually my friends by this stage most likely believe I do food reviews for living and all I do is eating, as I kept posting food photos hahahahaha

Any nice place you’ve discovered recently?

Cheers 🙂