.: Last night in Japan :.

And to end the series…

Our last night in Japan was actually back in Tokyo, because we had book round trip from London – Tokyo. Now here’s a funny story on our last day… after leaving the shinkansen (bullet train) all we had to do pretty much was to cross the street and we would reach our hotel. But he decided to run with the luggage and we’ve ended up breaking a wheel. Let’s just say it was quite a warm day, so having a piece of metal frictioning on the floor… let’s just say I was fearing our luggage would go on fire!

Once we’ve finally approached the hotel, the guys were absolutely amazing with us, and they’ve helped us with our broken (and heavy!) luggage. How to make an entrance in style!

Although we’ve stayed all our journey in AirBnB so we could explore life as locals and be closer to the centre, on our last night I wanted the convenience of being both close to the shinkansen (for our return from Kyoto), but also on a central line to go straight to the airport the next morning. The perfect choice was the Prince Sakura Tokyo from Marriott.

Photos below from the official website

There was also a private garden inside the hotel, which we’ve ended up not exploring

We were really exhausted by the time we’ve reached our room, but we had now an important mission…. find a bag so we could swap before flying back home next morning.



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View from the lift

13043230_10207196348521831_4920812834610822289_n 13000153_10207196348361827_3512022249029423626_n

We went outside to try to find our bag, which eventually we did in a small market place. But I’ve started to get worst from my morning sickness (I had the story with that too, but I won’t dig in details because it was too embarrassing! Let’s just say I was really glad he knew a few words in Japanese such as pregnant and help)

Back in the hotel room I had a basked of fruits waiting for me. It came in brilliant timing! Fruits has been my survival food ever since I’ve became pregnant (while I’m writing this post at more than 38 weeks I can tell you it still is as I still have the “morning sickness”)



Rather than exploring more of Tokyo, we’ve decided to stay in the room and rest before our dinner with our friend. Obviously the meeting point was the  Hachiko Statue again


We’ve explored really nice neighbourhoods (I didn’t had the camera with me 😦 )


His photo

We also went up to a tower to enjoy an amazing free view over Shibuya


His Photo

Then we’ve ended up the evening in this amazing sake place. It felt like going inside a rabbit hole, with a tiny door

12990857_10207200589707858_3239297111533717736_n 12592367_10207200589507853_7829676715615612637_n

And the guys had lots of sake. I could just smell it and all I can say is the smell was divine!

Next morning it was time to go back home. Oh what a journey!!!

Have you been in Japan? Any thoughts you would like to share?


.: Eat Tokyo – Japanese Notting Hill :.

Saturday was such a great day (and quite a productive one)

I woke up, prepared breakfast for both of us, did 1h work – as Friday I didn’t do anything of what I had planned to do. Then we decided to go for a lunch & walk in Notting Hill. Hard to believe he had never been in the Portobello road!!!

I had no idea where to go for lunch this time, so I’ve checked Zomato and found about Eat Tokyo. This is really easy to find, being a very short walk from the underground station.

Once we got in we were welcomed by friendly staff who took us to our table. It almost feel like a canteen with the wooden tables and chairs. It’s a place to sit down, relax and enjoy the food with no strings attached.
The menu was huge and it had loads of good options! We went for sushi to start with and I went for the Bento Box. I also had the japanese green tea – which is really fresh and delicious, all you would expect from a great green tea.

Japanese Green Tea

The service was pretty quick. Before I had time to think of anything else, the sushi arrived. Pretty delicious! Next time I’ll have more of these.

Here’s some sexy and yummy sushi

Then my Bento Box which was quite big as well. The teriaki salmon was pretty good. His main was also quite a big portion.

Teriyaki Salmon Box

We had loads of food and we’ve paid £33 pounds for the two of us. Really good value for money! Once I’m in the area I will be back.

Give it a go, I’m sure you won’t regret it! Thanks for this places where it’s all about honest good food and not about being fancy and pretentious!

  • Location: 4.5/5
  • Decor: 3.5/5
  • Service: 4/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Value for money: 5/5

Good – Such a quick service
The best – Delicious sushi!
Could be better – Decor of the room – it felt too much like a canteen. It would be nice if it would resemble a bit more to a cosy japanese restaurant. But then again, this is not an important point