.: The Hare And Hounds, Oysterley :.

I’m over the moon that my little one is finally sleeping a bit better. She can’t really nap yet, so not many posts from my end. Last time it took me 2 / 3 days to make one.

This Sunday, as it was beautifully sunny we went out for a walk @ Oysterley Park (Part of National Trust)

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Since she ended up falling asleep and it was lunch time, it was the perfect opportunity to grab some lunch. We’ve ended up staying in the area and going for “The Hare & Hounds

I’ve not been going out for food much, as the logistics has changed quite a lot. But, now I value a lot more any time we can spend together on the same table, and going out feels like a cherry on top of the cake.

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The steak was pretty good and the fries pretty delicious! I’ve tried a bit of the peppercorn sauce (still doing dairy free) and it was pretty good as well.

Overall was quite happy with our meal and our time together 🙂

The Hare & Hounds Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Any plans for Christmas?

.: A Prime Lunch :.

Ah, such a dark and gloomy weekend! I feel like just being lazy and stay on the couch. Very tempting indeed. Instead I’ve decided I wanted to try the fabulous place he went for his Christmas party at work (Prime at Chandlers Cross, which is very close to Watford).

I’m so glad I’ve convinced him to take me there! When we arrived it was pretty much empty, but we like that, to arrive when it’s still quiet. But that meant I could only manage a main without any starters. I loved the place immediately! Lovely decoration, very classy and comfortable at the same time. We’ve stayed at a table next to the window and the wine bottles.

Their main speciality is the meat, sourced from a royal approved butcher (how fancy is that?), so I couldn’t resist but to go for a steak. I went for the rump.


I’ve also ordered wine. This starts to remind me the Wed. night out club at work 🙂


Quite a sexy piece of meat, ‘init?


The mushroom sauce was delicious as well! I couldn’t manage pudding so we’ve just ordered coffees. Coffee was really good too. I left the meal with a smile, because I’ve really enjoy it and I hope to convince him to take me back so we can share a t-bone.

Sounds like a really good first 2016 meal away 🙂

.: Flat Iron :.

I had Flat Iron on my wishlist for a while now ever since I’ve read the reviews (they were consistently positive).

Flat iron is a cut from the chunk, so not from the premium places like rib or sirloin, but I can tell you is for sure full of flavour. I’m glad it’s quite overlooked so it becomes a tasty and affordable piece of meat.

I had Flat iron for the first time in the hotel, as it was one of the deals of the day and was quite surprised by the flavour, so after reading the reviews on Flat Iron I had to try it.

Running away from all the Christmas shoppers we’ve decided now it was the perfect time to go. It’s really easy to find and I’m glad it’s far enough from Convent Garden so it becomes quiet.

As soon as we arrive, we were immediately guided to a spacious table, even though we were still missing our friend (some places want to ensure everyone has arrived before they allow you to sit). The menu is really straightforward, you just need to select the drinks, how you want your flat iron cooked and which sides you want. Also note that there is always a special beer as well as potentially 2 other main dishes. In today’s visit we had the burger as well and another cut, but I really wanted flat iron.12360275_10206281589053416_7647525359604417687_n

The flat iron is served with a side salad, which is actually quite tasty. We’ve also ordered the cream spinach, the fries and the aubergine. All really tasty


But the star was really the meat. Look at it


So yummy and juicy! Could it all again just by looking at it. I’ve ordered medium rare and it was served exactly medium rare (which most of you will agree doesn’t always happen).

Absolutely delicious! So we’ve ended up having a relaxed lunch, really good quality and affordable prices (and in London!). So yes indeed I’ll be back

Flat Iron Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We’ve ended up not having a dessert, although it was quite tempting, because we all had a special place we had to go back. If anywhere near of Denmark Street I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go back to I Love Nata. I love those pasteis de nata and the coffee is good as well.

This time I’ve ordered 2 of them, no regrets!


Don’t forget to add the cinnamon on top!

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So overall a great lunch! Any recent discovery you would like to share?

.: A week full of steak :.

It’s been quite crazy recently, between holidays, weekends with friends or just scanning through old photos and last weekend a lovely wedding in Madeira (that’s a Portuguese island famous for being difficult to land and Madeira wine, which is quite similar to Port).

So let’s start with the best steak I’ve ever had, and yes it was in Madeira

So good!!!! I have to admit I was lacking some energy after the landing. It was something like this

The other gorgeous thing about Madeira is the bread “Bolo de caco”

Next day we had an amazing wedding in Funchal, I haven’t seen my photos yet, so have to rely on his for the time being:

Sunday morning – or shall I say lunch time – we only had time for lunch before heading back to the airport

Espetada Madeirense

We were back on Sunday evening, around 12h00 after waiting 1 hour for our taxi in Gatwick. I wish we had the idea to take the car and park it there, it would have been cheaper and better.

Monday it was time to get back to work, so I have to admit waking up at 06h was almost as hard as the landing in Madeira. But I had also an event later that evening at Vinopolis for a wine & cheese tasting event. Yap could get used to this life of working in London!

Tuesday morning back to Bristol for work. Again, waking up at 05h30 was even harder than on Monday. I was feeling really asleep most of the day, so when I went to the hotel and they’ve asked me if I wanted the Flat Iron as the steak of the day, I’ve said yes without thinking.

On Wed. I had booked Cau as part of the Wed. Night Club at work. Cau is an Argentinian chain famous for STEAK!!!! This was such a massive piece of meat! As I wanted to try one of the special cuts, the smaller size was 400g. That’s at least double of what I normally have

But soooo tasty! Steak & Malbec, a combination made in heaven. Will be back into Cau for a normal size piece of steak.

Tonight decided to have the fillet I’ve ordered with stout. So here it goes for steak nr 4. No more steak for a few days at least!

Do you like steak? What’s your favourite place for a good one? Cheers 🙂

.: Food moments in Lisbon Part I :.

One of the highlights of being in Lisbon has to be the food! Amazing smells and food everywhere you go. So this was precisely what we’ve done as soon as we’ve landed: Portuguese breakfast

Torradas | Toast with proper bread

And coffee with milk

Our coffee with milk a lot stronger than I’m used to

Then some grocery shopping… ahhhh all the fresh fish available in the supermarket, wants!!! We went for a walk and watch one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen (I’ll share it as soon as I’ve checked all the photos)

Ok Ok just a sample, here you go

zen moment

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

For dinner we’ve decided to go to a traditional portuguese restaurant, famous for the steak in stone:

@Paco de Carnide

Black Iberian pig – the meat was simply delicious!!!

The meat was absolutely divine! There is always space for pudding!

Cookie cake

This is just day one! Expect a lot more food-posts very shortly