.: Exploring London :.

After the visit to Sky Garden, we’ve decided to go for a walk in the city centre. It’s not always that I have the chance to really walk in this part of town on holidays and just explore around.

First stop was the Spitafield Market – which has been quite popular for a why and it’s easy to understand why! Central location, easy walking from the city heart and lots of trendy restaurants and shops. I have to admit I don’t always come here as I live in south west, but I like walking around and exploring.

Next time I need to stop by Taberna do Mercado – a cosy Portuguese place by Nuno Mendes. I’ve ready really good reviews.

I do recommend the Alternative London Tour, which I did a few years ago, to explore the “alternative and artsy side of london”. Probably I should do it again, because in the meantime east London has changed quite a lot!

Then we kept on walking towards the river, and with a next market in Mind, I was keen on exploring the Borough Market which is a personal favourite. I have to say it was a bless to have a visit on a Friday, as over the weekends it’s really crowded!

This is a food heaven! Any food lovers must give it a go

We kept on walking along the river until we’ve reached Waterloo, where we did a stop just to enjoy the sunshine and have a few beers

The light was amazing around 18h!

So you can see it was quite a walk!

What is your favourite area in London to go for a walk? Any favourite market you would like to share?

Wish you all a lovely weekend!