.: Sky Garden – London :.

There was always a lot of expectation around one of London famous buildings, especially one with such a start like “Walkie Talkie” – or the building that burns cars, not even any cars, a jag!

I used to work next door, and this building was always quite an impressive one. It took them forever to cover the whole building in a protective layer to avoid any more meltdowns.

It’s still quite an impressive shape nonetheless

Not as impressive as The Shard (or the All-seeing eye for me), but with a unique feature, a sky garden. Since I love rooftops, actually anything that offers me a good view, I was more than keen for a visit. Unfortunately the free visits only work during weekdays which meant I had to wait for a day off to have my go. The best way to get there is to book a reservation in one of the restaurants

Note to self: No, it’s not a good idea to go there with only a prime lens (50mm). Which meant my phone was better usage than my camera. Also didn’t help that I received a call from work on my day off and was pretty stressed out!

Here’s the view, way better than what you get from a place like the London eye – which I still find overrated!

My best photos were actually taken with my phone

I don’t think the garden is that impressive, but the light and the view is something quite unique! Love the whole concept and how everyone seem really happy. Totally recommended!

Final note, the ladies on the ground floor were extremely rude! I know it doesn’t look nice for such a “posh” building to have some peasants queuing up, but I felt they were being too rude! It’s not a good visit card to London I would say. “Can you please squeeze in? Against the wall please!” Seriously?

Next time I’ll book myself a table to get a visit over sunset, oh that would be awesome!

How to get there
* The Walkie Talkie is located on Fenchurch Street – actually on the back of it if you want to enter the skygarden. Don’t attempt to get into the front reception and avoid yourself the embarrassment! You need to reach the back of it and there’s a dedicated reception for the restaurants & garden.
* You can reach it by getting out @ Bank on the central line, or Monument for the district line
* You won’t get lost outside, since it’s one of the tallest buildings in the area you just need to follow the skyline

Let me know your thoughts if you have been there already