.: Food week in Bristol :.

Yap, I spend a lot of time in Bristol indeed! This week was quite a crazy one! Was trying to organise dinner on Monday or Tuesday and failed miserably as we were all quite busy. But still managed to have a lot of good food

Monday Night – Fish of the day @ Royal Marriott Hotel

I really love the diversity of fish in Bristol, so every time I can that’s the option I’ll go for. Normally there’s always fish of the day in the hotel. Even though Monday tends to be my soup day, I wanted fish this time.

Yummy fish

When asked if I wanted dessert, I was like “not really hungry but would fancy something sweet”. The ladies in the restaurant were great and they gave me some chocolates. Was really happy with this!

They know how to make me smile!

Tuesdays – Steak Night

Tuesday is the steak night @ the Royal Marriott. I still had to do some work, therefore that’s what I had

Delicious sirloin steak

I really don’t mind going there so often, because I can relax, read a book, do some work – as I did this week – and have a chat with the friendly staff 🙂

Wednesday – RiverStation

As one of our colleagues is leaving the project we had a farewell dinner. It’s a lovely place! Really enjoyed the decor and the overall ambience. As usual when I’m going out with colleagues, I didn’t took any photos, so I’ll have to use google!

The restaurant is split across 2 floors, being the upper floor the quiet one.

This is how it looks from the outside

I went for the rainbow trout, which was really delicious, whereas the guys went for the Argentinian steak – which seemed to be pretty good as well. They also have local beers, such as those from the Bristol Factory

You can check more food photos @ Tripadvisor 

So it was a very good food week indeed!