.: Ealing Park Tavern :.

I had read a few really interesting reviews about Ealing Park Tavern and since then it was on my wishlist. I just can’t believe I didn’t went any sooner, since I live less than 10m walking from there! As we had a friend over on Friday, we’ve decided it was time to go.

Location wise it’s impossible to miss, as it’s on the main road to south ealing station.


Well, it looks like a very nice pub. It’s actually quite big, but as we arrived late and it’s Christmas dinner time, we’ve only managed to get a little table for 3.

They are also a micro-brewery and if you like stouts I really recommend the birdie flipper, so flipping good!



The Food

This is the main reason to go! Not only you get a good choice of beers, but also the food is pretty good. I went for one of the specials, pasta with hare and wild mushrooms. The photo is rubbish, I apologise, but the flavour was so good! You could really taste the mushrooms. Good combination of flavours!


Then I saw the pudding menu and I’ve noticed the chocolate mousse, how could I resist that?


So yummy! He had a caramel type one, but not really sure what it was. It was also quite soft and tasty too


So overall we had a really good evening and the agreement that we’ll be back more often. Nothing is better than discovering your local pub is worth a visit! 😀

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.: Pasta pasta pasta :.

Yap, I love pasta! It’s a big addiction of mine along with bread (yummy crunchy bread) and coffee. Sometimes I find myself craving for a good portion of spaghetti with tomato, with loads of parsley on top. It seriously makes me smile and for me it’s the ultimate comfort food.

After all the meat from last week, I ended up not eating much this weekend. In fact I did only 2 meals each day. Yesterday we had a lovely brunch at 12h. My scrambled eggs with tomato and parsley – cooked Ramsey style

It looks dodgy in the picture, but it tastes amazingly. Since we’ve been out most weekends and it was a rainy saturday we’ve decided to be lazy most of the day but ended up going out for lunch / dinner later. I was thinking about going to Ealing for some thai, but as it was rainy, we’ve ended up going to Westfield.

Still craving for some pasta, we’ve decided to give a go to Spaghetti House. I have been in at Spaghetti House before and I’ve found nice price / quality, but have to admit I was a bit disappointed this time. The garlic bread was dry and tasteless and my special pasta, although tasty, was overcooked. You know when you get distracted and the pasta glues to the pan? That’s what I had, which was a bit of a shame.

Spaghetti House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

To have some happy calories we’ve ended up going to Ben & Jerry’s. Yummy yummy!

Today, after spending the whole day at a comic con (ohhh there’s more to come on this one – things you’re not expected to do after a certain age ahahhaah), I was craving again for fresh pasta. As I was about to get ready with dinner remembered that I had fresh salmon as well, so decided to be a bit creative – well not so much.

Baked salmon with spinach and tomato sauce, it was really tasty and all I was craving for 🙂

I have to admit I was quite proud of cooking my spaghetti al dente. All really tasty 🙂

It’s Sunday evening, what are you likely to be craving for?

.: A week full of steak :.

It’s been quite crazy recently, between holidays, weekends with friends or just scanning through old photos and last weekend a lovely wedding in Madeira (that’s a Portuguese island famous for being difficult to land and Madeira wine, which is quite similar to Port).

So let’s start with the best steak I’ve ever had, and yes it was in Madeira

So good!!!! I have to admit I was lacking some energy after the landing. It was something like this

The other gorgeous thing about Madeira is the bread “Bolo de caco”

Next day we had an amazing wedding in Funchal, I haven’t seen my photos yet, so have to rely on his for the time being:

Sunday morning – or shall I say lunch time – we only had time for lunch before heading back to the airport

Espetada Madeirense

We were back on Sunday evening, around 12h00 after waiting 1 hour for our taxi in Gatwick. I wish we had the idea to take the car and park it there, it would have been cheaper and better.

Monday it was time to get back to work, so I have to admit waking up at 06h was almost as hard as the landing in Madeira. But I had also an event later that evening at Vinopolis for a wine & cheese tasting event. Yap could get used to this life of working in London!

Tuesday morning back to Bristol for work. Again, waking up at 05h30 was even harder than on Monday. I was feeling really asleep most of the day, so when I went to the hotel and they’ve asked me if I wanted the Flat Iron as the steak of the day, I’ve said yes without thinking.

On Wed. I had booked Cau as part of the Wed. Night Club at work. Cau is an Argentinian chain famous for STEAK!!!! This was such a massive piece of meat! As I wanted to try one of the special cuts, the smaller size was 400g. That’s at least double of what I normally have

But soooo tasty! Steak & Malbec, a combination made in heaven. Will be back into Cau for a normal size piece of steak.

Tonight decided to have the fillet I’ve ordered with stout. So here it goes for steak nr 4. No more steak for a few days at least!

Do you like steak? What’s your favourite place for a good one? Cheers 🙂

.: Exploring English Pubs – The Woodman Banstead :.

I guess you know by now that I’m really keen on trying different pubs all over the country. I’m sure if I would ever leave UK, this would be one of the first things I would miss, and I would end up trying to find a pub away from home just to have that “feeling” again. Same way I miss a proper “patisserie”.

After our walk along the lavender farm, we were more than ready for some lunch outdoors. Via google maps, we’ve found out there was a nice pub really close to the farm, “The Woodman – Banstead

Official Photos

I didn’t went indoors, as he was the one ordering the food, but outdoors was better than the pictures show. It was a big space outside with some flowers on the tables. Really pleasant!

What I’ve also noticed, was their special drinks menu and a couple of gin cocktails

So yes, the choice of drinks felt really good! Although I was feeling so thirsty that all I wanted was water with lemon, and that’s precisely what I had. Maybe next time I’ll try the gin 🙂

Food wise, there is a good choice available in the menu, although I have to admit I wasn’t really impressed with the quality. His burger was too oily and my pasta was ok

We didn’t try the pudding, but looking into the amaretto cheesecake it really felt tempting! But, I guess just for the space outside it was really worth it 🙂

.: Last day in Lisbon :.

Oh yes, I’m absolutely late with my Lisbon photos. I’ve been taking quite a lot of photos recently, which means it’s quite easy to get behind the editing and checking all of them. Finally managed to finish my Lisbon photos. It was such a good week!

For dinner we went to a place I was really looking forward to go, called Atalho Real. I  can’t recommend this place enough! From the friendly staff, to the place itself and finally the quality of the meat. So good! Seriously!

Delicious tender meat! so yummy!

For dessert we had carob brownie with strawberry ice-cream, delicious!

And then it was time to get back to UK. What an amazing week!