.: Leftovers :.

After spending the weekend away socializing with our friends and playing board games (you can read it all here) we ended up with a few random leftovers in the fridge, such as sweet potatoes and halloumi cheese.

Today, as I had to go to the doctor in the morning, I’ve stayed working from home. And the best thing about it (apart from avoiding 1h30 commuting each way) is that I can cook my own lunch. So I had to be a bit creative with the food. After searching for recipes I found this one:

We also grilled the halloumi and mix it all together. Such a delicious lunch and a lot more filling that I thought it would be!


The sauce is really delicious, and I’ll be doing it a lot more often. Later the afternoon a capuccino and for dinner the remaining potatoes with steamed fish (and I still had sauce left!).

So 2 meals for the effort of one and both equally delicious!

I feel quite excited today, although I still have 2 days to go before my holidays, but I felt good today too (I have been feeling quite miserable most of working days). This also means I’m almost going to Japan!!! Hard to believe I’m finally going. 🙂

Any ideas of what to cook for a meal in the middle of the week? Have a lovely week

.: An afternoon with English tea :.

It’s a cloudy Sunday afternoon, feeling lazy on my Pj at home and then started fancying a nice tea. Ended up skipping lunch (as I had breakfast at 11h with scrambled eggs Ramsay’s way) and went straight for a nice English tea.

One of my favourite places to have tea, is not even the Savoy (which I’m looking forward to go), but something more traditional like the Maids of Honour in Kew. I guess it makes a difference when I can simply walk there.

Kew is certainly my favourite place in London! Would love to live here, but I guess I’m close enough anyway

Official Photo

The maids of honour tarts were first discovered by king Henry VIII and were declared so delicious the recipe was kept under lock and key for 200 years.

The monarch is believed to have seen Anne Boleyn eating the tarts baked by one of her maids of honour and was so captivated by the tart’s taste he declared they should be made only for the royal court.

You can build your own tea set, which I recommend it must have scones included, but I’ve decided to go for the Maids of Honour as it does include a tart 🙂

The teas are incredibly delicious as well, they have lots to try, but I ended up going for the classical earl grey

The Scones are absolutely amazing!!!!

We’ve decided straight away that we must bake scones at home, so here’s the recipe we’re going to try:

Do you like scones? What’s your favourite way of having them? I love with cream and them jam on top, or just jam, so good!

And now need to be brave for another though week ahead of me. Enjoy your Sunday,