.: The Hare And Hounds, Oysterley :.

I’m over the moon that my little one is finally sleeping a bit better. She can’t really nap yet, so not many posts from my end. Last time it took me 2 / 3 days to make one.

This Sunday, as it was beautifully sunny we went out for a walk @ Oysterley Park (Part of National Trust)

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Since she ended up falling asleep and it was lunch time, it was the perfect opportunity to grab some lunch. We’ve ended up staying in the area and going for “The Hare & Hounds

I’ve not been going out for food much, as the logistics has changed quite a lot. But, now I value a lot more any time we can spend together on the same table, and going out feels like a cherry on top of the cake.

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The steak was pretty good and the fries pretty delicious! I’ve tried a bit of the peppercorn sauce (still doing dairy free) and it was pretty good as well.

Overall was quite happy with our meal and our time together 🙂

The Hare & Hounds Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Any plans for Christmas?

.: Ealing Park Tavern :.

I had read a few really interesting reviews about Ealing Park Tavern and since then it was on my wishlist. I just can’t believe I didn’t went any sooner, since I live less than 10m walking from there! As we had a friend over on Friday, we’ve decided it was time to go.

Location wise it’s impossible to miss, as it’s on the main road to south ealing station.


Well, it looks like a very nice pub. It’s actually quite big, but as we arrived late and it’s Christmas dinner time, we’ve only managed to get a little table for 3.

They are also a micro-brewery and if you like stouts I really recommend the birdie flipper, so flipping good!



The Food

This is the main reason to go! Not only you get a good choice of beers, but also the food is pretty good. I went for one of the specials, pasta with hare and wild mushrooms. The photo is rubbish, I apologise, but the flavour was so good! You could really taste the mushrooms. Good combination of flavours!


Then I saw the pudding menu and I’ve noticed the chocolate mousse, how could I resist that?


So yummy! He had a caramel type one, but not really sure what it was. It was also quite soft and tasty too


So overall we had a really good evening and the agreement that we’ll be back more often. Nothing is better than discovering your local pub is worth a visit! 😀

The Ealing Park Tavern Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

.: Exploring English Pubs – Virginia Water :.

If there’s one thing I love about UK, it’s got to be the pubs. They come in different shapes really. The more traditional ones, where the wood smells like beer and the walls are covered in “carpet”

If you visit one of these pubs expect to see a cat coming out of nowhere. It has happened to me, true story!

Then you have some historical ones like the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

I totally recommend a visit to this place, it feels like a travel through time as you go down the stairs and explore the little rooms underground

Then there’s the beautiful ones, like this one below (which I still need to visit)

The White Swan, Stratford upon Avon

Or London most famous pub

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Our favourite is just next door: One over the ait, Kew Bridge

So it’s very tempting to try to stop at the nearest pub when you’re feeling hungry just to explore around and have some comfort food.

The one we went today was the Wheatsheaf Hotel – Fayre & Square in Virgina Water


I went for the Rump Steak, normally I tend to have burger or the Sunday Roast if it’s Sunday

Pudding was the “Millionaire’s cheesecake”, as he can’t simply resist caramel cheesecake.

Really lovely and relaxing meal 🙂

What’s your favourite pub?


.: Friday Nigh pub :.

Having just returned from another week away, we’ve quickly decided that we both wanted go out for dinner. My first choice was the new pub next door: One over the Ait, and I’m so glad I went!

We’ve discovered “One over the ait” in December last year and we were amazed (You can check my first review here)! First by the decoration itself, it’s so cosy and beautiful! Love the canoe on top of the bar, love the staircase to the upper floor (which we haven’t explored yet) and the chalkboard where you can find the specials of the day. Although we live next door, we didn’t had the chance to return, but tonight was the night. What if I say I love it even more?

All the staff is really friendly, the ambience is perfect and the food is really tasty.

I’ve started with a Chimay Blue. This is such a great Belgium beer!

Belgium beer and mussels? Will try next time

For the mains, and just because it’s Friday, I had the burger. Really tasty burger and crunchy fries.

Such a sexy nasty burger

Yummy fries

The pudding was even better (we went for brownies with ice cream)

Happy Calories all the way through!

The cheery on top of the cake was the live music!

Live Music

The perfect place to go on a Friday and start your weekend with a big smile 🙂

Kew Bridge is way richer now

.: The Horse and Groom – Guildford :.

How was your evening yesterday? Did you got wasted? Where you among friends? I had a lovely dinner with some friends but we didn’t went anywhere outside as a few of us where still in cold-recovery mode.

After a walk in the Surrey Hills we were more than ready for a nice meal. We’ve decided to stop at “The Horse & Groom” in Guildford and I’m glad we did it! Such a lovely surprise. Lovely place, friendly staff, all you can wish for.

We finished off with a delicious salted chocolate mouse with strawberries

.: New pub next door – One over the Ait :.

Surprise surprise it seems we have a brand new pub next door. We went for a short walk with a friend to realise there is a brand new pub next door.

One over the Ait opened end of November this year and it’s the new addition to Kew Bridge landscape 🙂

‘One over the Eight’ is an old reference to being slightly drunk (commonly known as having one too many) – while ‘Ait’ is the name given to the nearby islands sitting in the middle of the Thames.

(Photo above by Him)

We had such a delightful surprise once we got in doors, the place is beautifully decorated

I didn’t had the chance to explore the floor above, but the staircase is just gorgeous

(Photo below by him)

They have a good collection of cocktails and drinks in the menu.

I had the salmon with poached egg special option and it was so delicious!

Will be back more often, that’s for sure.