.: Food Moments in Lisbon Part III :.

And the food journey continues. Seriously, Lisbon is perfect for people who want to enjoy good food! (I’m not even talking about the weather!). Obviously we go back more often to see family and friends, but at the same time we do proper holidays and try to explore new places. During a whole week I think I only went to a place I already knew, most of the places were new to me. Can’t hardly wait to go back!

The place this time was one of Avillez, (one of the best portuguese new generation chefs!), Cafe Lisboa. Avillez is mostly famous by Belcanto, a 2 star Michelin.

But as we wanted something more informal (and less expensive too!), the choice was Cafe Lisboa, and what a great discovery it was!

Even though the day was great and there was some outdoor space, we’ve decided to go indoors. The place is beautiful!

The Menu

Table decoration

The staff was really friendly throughout. I felt really relaxed! Being a weekday lunch, most of the people around were office workers, people who are lucky enough to work on Chiado!


Just the couvert alone was pretty good! I don’t remember what all the sauces were, but they were good!

As I wanted a fish dish, I went for Vinho Verde! He couldn’t resist the beers .

Before I start showing the food I’ve ordered, I need to say that Avillez concept is all about bringing a modern twist to the Portuguese traditional food, and it delivers perfectly!

For starter we’ve ordered Farinheira with egg

Note (from Wikipedia) Farinheira is a smoked sausage made mainly from wheat flour, pork fat and seasonings (white wine, paprika, salt and pepper). Its original recipe did not contain pork fat; it was invented by the Jews during the 15th century to deceive the Portuguese Inquisition by making them believe that they were converted to Christianity by showing they were eating pork.[citation needed] It has a yellow/brown colour and is served in traditional dishes like feijoada or cozido à portuguesa. It is also eaten on its own, roasted or fried. In modern versions, it is previously cooked, then peeled and mixed with scrambled eggs and served on bread or toast as a starter.

Although it resembles a chouriço or other meat sausage, its taste is not meaty; it’s tangy (but not hot), with a doughy texture and has a somewhat sweet finish in the palate. It is never cooked sliced unlike other sausages since its dough like content would pour out of the skin during cooking.

Our farinheira

Normally I don’t order Farinheira because the flavour tends to be really strong. This was creamy and delicious, a perfect mixture of flavours.

Having checked the reviews online on Zomato, I knew I wanted the Bacalhau a Bras, another portuguese classic dish, with “exploding olives”

Bacalhau  (Cod) a Bras

So yummy!!! It was the best Bacalhau a Bras I’ve ever had! It’s not the tradicional recipe but it’s good!

For dessert we went for the chocolate Mousse, which was really creamy and delicious! Perfect!

Happy calories oh yeah!


Finally we couldn’t leave without having the Pasteis de Nata with our coffee.

Pasteis de Nata | Portuguese Custards


The pasteis where not the best I’ve ever had, but they felt great anyway 🙂

So overall we left with a smile on our face, it was a very good experience with a very good service (which thankfully was not pretentious at all). If you want to try Portuguese food with a modern twist, this is a great place to go! The total bill was 62€ for 2, which considering it’s a famous Chef in the city centre was a really good price!

After all the food, we were more than ready for a walk in the city centre, but that’s for another post 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

.: Food moments in Lisbon Part I :.

One of the highlights of being in Lisbon has to be the food! Amazing smells and food everywhere you go. So this was precisely what we’ve done as soon as we’ve landed: Portuguese breakfast

Torradas | Toast with proper bread

And coffee with milk

Our coffee with milk a lot stronger than I’m used to

Then some grocery shopping… ahhhh all the fresh fish available in the supermarket, wants!!! We went for a walk and watch one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen (I’ll share it as soon as I’ve checked all the photos)

Ok Ok just a sample, here you go

zen moment

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

For dinner we’ve decided to go to a traditional portuguese restaurant, famous for the steak in stone:

@Paco de Carnide

Black Iberian pig – the meat was simply delicious!!!

The meat was absolutely divine! There is always space for pudding!

Cookie cake

This is just day one! Expect a lot more food-posts very shortly

.: Portuguese Food in Vauxhall :.

I wasn’t even planning to go out for lunch this Sunday, but as we were waking up we receive a call from a friend inviting us for lunch. We both agreed immediately to go to the Portuguese restaurant, and for us that means “A Toca” in Vauxhall.

Things you need to know when visiting a Portuguese restaurant regardless of where you are in the world:
* You’ll be eating a lot, so make sure you don’t have a big breakfast, or better no breakfast at all except for your morning coffee / tea
* It’s also highly likely that you won’t be hungry for dinner either – so don’t book any dinners afterwards
* You may want to try one of the 365 cod-dishes. I’m sure you’ll find more than 1 dish available on the same menu

So after my morning capuccino I’ve started to try and prepare myself for lunch. We’ve booked lunch for 13h30. It’s Sunday after all.

It’s very easy to reach this restaurant, as it’s precisely in the middle of both Vauxhall and Stockwell stations. We normally use the train to Vauxhall.

As soon as you get in you’ll have bread on the table, fresh cheese and sardine or tuna pate. And ahhh some olives and portuguese olive oil.

The wine is quite cheap here, but as our friends don’t drink alcohol I went for a soda drink (pineapple). Then while we were waiting for them, I’ve ordered melon with prosciutto. This is quite a popular starter in portugal, we love it specially in summer time. I love it all seasons to be honest, although the portion of melon this time was quite “shy”.

This is how it’s normally served in Portugal

Photo from google

Then I went for one of the specials of the day: Octopus with tomato sauce and some peppers

Really tender and soft

It was nice, but I prefer the traditional “Polvo a lagareiro” – Octopus grilled in the oven with “smashed” potatoes and lots of olive oil and fresh garlic.

He went for the traditional bacalhau a bras (cod fish baked in egg and fries). It’s soooo good. It’s one of my favourite as well

It’s good for you!

You need to make sure you save some space for desserts. Here’s the menu. They have some ice cream options inside, but the first page covers the traditional ones (some of them! after all for each city or even village in Portugal there is a special sweet or desserts)

Which one will you choose?

My favourites are Baba de camelo (his favourite as well – this is basically a caramel mousse), leite creme (creme brulee), Bolo de bolacha (Maria-cookies cake with coffee), Chocolate mousse, Rice pudding and finally Molotov (which I can’t even describe).

Chocolate mousse…. soooo creamy

Baba de camelo – so sweet and good

Then you need to finish your meal with an espresso and a liquor. This time we only had the coffees:

Proper creamy espresso!

I felt like rolling at this point! So much food and so tasty too. We’ve paid £21 for each, that’s right £21 for starters, main, desserts and coffees in London! Brilliant isn’t it?

I won’t be having any dinner today, that’s for sure!!!

What’s your favourite cuisine in London? Any advise for me? Next weekend I’m going for some Dim Sum with a friend, and I’m already in countdown mode as I’m sure it will be delicious! Love asian food 😀

Wish you all a great week ahead