.: Simple pleasures – Home Cooking :.

I have been doing a lot of cooking recently, since I’m still on holiday. For a while I was fancying some pizza (especially after writing my Childhood food memories post). Even though the temptation would be to visit Franco Manca I’ve decided to revive those memories and bake everything from the scratch.

This time decided to follow Gennaro’s Chloe Pizza recipe (from the family book available on amazon here). He has a similar recipe in the video below

In the video he cuts the dough in 4 part, whereas in the book for the same quantity he does it only twice. If you like thin crisp pizza, then 4 is the way to go (I’ve done it only twice).

Because I need to eat quite a lot of protein these days, mine has Vine Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and grilled chicken. I actually prefer a simple margherita with mushrooms on top.


While the dough was resting I had time to prepare some ice cream. I’ve used 2 frozen bananas + frozen red fruits. Then I remembered that I still had a bit of nutella to top it up. The ice cream tastes like a banana & strawberry smoothie. Apart from the bit of nutella, there’s no added sugar. So guilt free ice cream


I know it feels great to explore new restaurants, but sometimes all I crave is for home made food 🙂 What do you like to cook at home?

.: The Stables Pizza & Cider :.

My other half kept on talking about a new place that was going to open quite close to home, but I had no idea on what it was until he then said it was Pizza & Cider, which then reminded me The Stables (which I know from Bristol), I went to check on their website and just confirmed they had opened a branch next door!

(Photos below are from the official website)

So it was the perfect place for a Friday night after work (as we were both lazy to cook dinner).


I hadn’t realised that before, but the menu changes based on the location. There were some specials on the menu related to the area (which is always a nice idea). I went for the pizzas again, but next time need to try a pie


We had the garlic bread, which I totally recommend as it’s a big portion and quite tasty. Then I had a chicken and pepper pizza (even on pizzas I’m still taking into account my daily protein intake ahahahah)


I like the pizzas because they taste like sourdough bread and are thin and crisp. They are not the best pizzas I had – for instance I still prefer the pizzas on Franco Manca and they are not that far from us either (in Chiswick), but it’s a really nice place if you enjoy trying different ciders. Their choice is really good. So I’m sure we’ll be back more often

If you want to try it you also have a Whitechapel branch.

What is your favourite pizza place in London?

.: Loro di Napoli – Ealing – Pizzas :.

I had been trying to go for pizzas with a friend that lives near by, but after all of us had strong calls we kept on postponing it. Last night was the night. I wanted to try the famous Santa Maria, but as there was a new opening in the scene, Loro di Napoli, I wanted to try this one first.

Make sure you book in advance or you will have to wait as the place is quite small. It’s also quite easy to find, closest bust stop is chando’s avenue, and it’s actually just south of “south ealing station” (Google maps)

We had bread and olives to start with and I have to say it’s quite a big portion.

The pizzas arrived quickly after that. All of it wood oven baked for proper flavour. Quite a good pizza especially when factoring the £9. Some are as cheap as £6. We had the “Toto” which was lovely. Recommended one with tomato.

We managed to share a tiramissu for the 3 of us, quite creamy and not soaked in sauce so a very good finishing.

Recommended for your next door good pizza. They also do take away.

  • Location: 4,5/5 – Really easy to find
  • Service: 4/5 – Efficient and polite
  • Decor: 3.5/5 – Even if the place is small I think they could try to make it more cosy like
  • Food: 4/5 – I still prefer Franco Manca, but the pizzas and the tiramisu where quite good too!

Enjoy your weekend! I’m about to start preparing our lunch with some friends in my house today, so I would expect some wine… maybe lots of wine!

.: Best pizza in UK is… :.

For this Saturday I’ve decided to sleep longer and then go for Pizza @ Franco Manca in Chiswick – which was on my wishlist for ages!!!

Franco Manca is one of these places you really must visit at least once! I have to agree with the previous comments on Zomato and say it’s indeed the best pizza in UK, but more than that, it’s the best price/quality pizza I’ve ever had outside Italy. So good!

The menu
As simple as it gets! They have some specials posted on the wall and then the classic pizzas. If you’re good enough you can keep it simple right? This is precisely what they do! You can add some special toppings if you want.

Decor | Ambience
Simple decor, but fits the concept perfectly! I feel in love with the stone oven, as it reminded me the stone work my grandad used to do. He would love it, have to show him the picture once I go there 🙂

The tiles on the floor match the oven:

The choice of drinks is not very big, but who needs big anyway! First of all, as soon as you join the table you are presented with filter water for free: THANKS! For the restaurant it doesn’t cost much, but for me it means a lot in terms of service. Back to the menu, I went for the lemonade and I have to say: what a great choice. It’s not a regular lemonade, but it seems to be mixed with honey & cinnamon – I was trying to guess what it was making it taste so special. It’s good and refreshing.

The Food
Yummy to say the list! My pizza was just perfect. You know when you have food that makes you smile? Yap, this is what I had. I felt so happy

Have a look at this gorgeous sexy pizza, so good you can’t stop!

When you see the price you’ll even enjoy it more. We’ve paid less than £10 pounds for all this good food, can you believe that? And oh, the service is good too, staff is really friendly. So yes I’m sure I’ll be back more often, I really have to!

What’s the best pizza you’ve ever had?