.: Last day in Lisbon :.

Oh yes, I’m absolutely late with my Lisbon photos. I’ve been taking quite a lot of photos recently, which means it’s quite easy to get behind the editing and checking all of them. Finally managed to finish my Lisbon photos. It was such a good week!

For dinner we went to a place I was really looking forward to go, called Atalho Real. I  can’t recommend this place enough! From the friendly staff, to the place itself and finally the quality of the meat. So good! Seriously!

Delicious tender meat! so yummy!

For dessert we had carob brownie with strawberry ice-cream, delicious!

And then it was time to get back to UK. What an amazing week!

.: One week ago – Watching the sunset :.

I have to admit I’m quite delayed in my posts and in my photo editing. I guess it doesn’t help that we’ve started to pack and I’ve been away from home the whole week. Finally managed to go through my photos from last week.

Last Friday I was working from home, so after I stopped working we’ve decided to go for a walk and take some photos. It was beautiful! Such a golden skyline, ahhh, I love to live in Chiswick (well, almost!) 😀

The Pub

Dog Statue

The Swan

Quack Quack

Where’s me boat?

Enjoy your weekend! I definitely need some rest!

.: Brussels day 2 :.

After exploring Bruges the day before, Monday was dedicated to explore Brussels again. We did a lot of walking, but I’m afraid to say that most of my photos ended up being crap 😦

The morning light was gorgeous though

Let’s zoom in into this gorgeous golden tones

I was in love with the light on this church, the morning glow is quite something else. Unfortunately didn’t manage to photograph it as well as I wanted

The view from the top, although the photo looks crap it was a nice view

And this was actually a ceiling from an hotel

Then we went to rest in the hotel before a lovely dinner with some friends 🙂