.: A walk in Oxford :.

For those of you that read my blog for a while you will know that I love Oxford! (And Cambridge too) I wish I would have studied in a place like Oxford, but didn’t had that chance really.

Because Oxford is only 1h away from home, we tend to go there quite often and I’m never bored of it! It was also one of the first places I’ve visited when moving to UK. It’s really easy to commute from London Paddington to Oxford.

So, knowing that my parents were coming, I had to take them there. It was a sunny weekend in June, so perfect for a walk:

Black & White

It’s got to be one of the most beautiful libraries in the world!

Graduation days

In Colours

Quack quack

What to see in Oxford
If you are an Harry Potter fan, you’ll need to visit a couple of places, like Christ Church

Or the Bodleian Library

Photo from google

Natural History Museum

Outside Oxford

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Have you been in Oxford? Any tips?