.: Scenes from the city :.

Maybe because I’ve been quite tired from my stressful weeks, I can see a pattern in my latest photos – quite moody I would say! Always looking forward for the weekend to go for a walk and take some photos, but then the backlog is huge! I haven’t finished yet the photos from Easter! Yap! It will take me a while I guess.

As you know, one of the photography styles I love the most if street photography (for the last year or so). I love capturing scenes and moods and try to imagine the stories in my mind. One of the best places for photos is Noting Hill!

I ended up heading for Patisserie Lisboa for some Natas!

What’s your favourite spot for photos? Wish you all a great weekend ahead!

.: Eat Tokyo – Japanese Notting Hill :.

Saturday was such a great day (and quite a productive one)

I woke up, prepared breakfast for both of us, did 1h work – as Friday I didn’t do anything of what I had planned to do. Then we decided to go for a lunch & walk in Notting Hill. Hard to believe he had never been in the Portobello road!!!

I had no idea where to go for lunch this time, so I’ve checked Zomato and found about Eat Tokyo. This is really easy to find, being a very short walk from the underground station.

Once we got in we were welcomed by friendly staff who took us to our table. It almost feel like a canteen with the wooden tables and chairs. It’s a place to sit down, relax and enjoy the food with no strings attached.
The menu was huge and it had loads of good options! We went for sushi to start with and I went for the Bento Box. I also had the japanese green tea – which is really fresh and delicious, all you would expect from a great green tea.

Japanese Green Tea

The service was pretty quick. Before I had time to think of anything else, the sushi arrived. Pretty delicious! Next time I’ll have more of these.

Here’s some sexy and yummy sushi

Then my Bento Box which was quite big as well. The teriaki salmon was pretty good. His main was also quite a big portion.

Teriyaki Salmon Box

We had loads of food and we’ve paid £33 pounds for the two of us. Really good value for money! Once I’m in the area I will be back.

Give it a go, I’m sure you won’t regret it! Thanks for this places where it’s all about honest good food and not about being fancy and pretentious!

  • Location: 4.5/5
  • Decor: 3.5/5
  • Service: 4/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Value for money: 5/5

Good – Such a quick service
The best – Delicious sushi!
Could be better – Decor of the room – it felt too much like a canteen. It would be nice if it would resemble a bit more to a cosy japanese restaurant. But then again, this is not an important point

.: A lazy Sunday in Notting Hill :.

It was my friend’s last day in UK (she’s moving back to Luxembourg) so I really wanted to enjoy a nice meal with her before she left. The choice was Notting Hill, because it’s such a lovely neighbourhood in London anyway!

Could easily see myself living here! Although I used to live relatively close by in Maida Vale. I guess because we were talking, I didn’t took that many photos.

For lunch we went to The Commander 

I have to say I have mixed feelings about this place. We went there for lunch, so it wasn’t very busy at all. The location is in quiet Notting Hill, so it seems quite a perfect choice after (or before) a walk in the area. The Decor looks really lovely and cosy. Again, could be the perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal.

The choice of drinks seems to be really good too (from cocktails, to a good collection of wines, gins etc). I had a non-alcoholic cocktail, which was quite refreshing and tasting.

But when you visit a restaurant you want the whole experience, most of all the food and the service. Service wise the employees were polite but service was very slow. We didn’t wait much to order the drinks and the menus, neither to receive the starters, but after that it went quite slow. We even managed to receive the bill before the deserts (we’ve asked for it at the same time). It didn’t seem to lack of employees, so maybe they needed more help in the kitchen. Don’t know.
Regarding food, we had spicy courgette and king prawns for starters, then sunday roast and a burger.

(Sorry, I recognize this wasn’t a brilliant photo)

The burger was tasteless, I guess they forgot to season the meat or something, but the chips were quite good. The Sunday Roast was quite nice, but nothing extraordinary either. (By the way, did you know Sunday Roast is now the national favourite dish? Yap, it has won even the famous Tikka Masala)

For desserts (which took more than 20m to arrive) we had the creme brulee and the peanut butter chocolate mousse.

Both quite delicious. Also I had a capuccino (illy coffee yes!!!) which thankfully was really good.
Overall I think it’s a nice place to relax in the afternoon with some cocktails and something to go with it (I didn’t try the oysters), but as a meal didn’t surprise me that much (not for the price, which for 2 was around £70)

Now I’m feeling quite sleepy, time for relaxing in the couch and listen to some music.

How do you enjoy your Sundays?