.: Waddesdon Manor :.

When a friend of ours invited us to go with him to Waddesdon Manor a couple of weeks ago, we could only say yes! Having seen his photos from this place, it was already on my wishlist.

How to reach Waddesdon Manor

So it’s actually quite a short drive from London, not so easy if you’re going by train (2h commute)

It’s a shame it was almost raining and quite cold the day we went, but still could see how gorgeous the house was

Impossible not to love this gorgeous house, every single detail is impressive!

One of the most important aspects of this house is about being able to transform according to the seasons. I compared against my friend’s photos from summer time and the changes are quite impressive. The garden changes every season as well

After that we went for some noodles in Aylesbury before heading back home. Need to go back on a sunny day

What’s your favourite House & Garden?


.: Exploring Osterley Park :.

As we were feeling quite lazy after our journey to Birmingham yesterday, we’ve decided to stay local. So just before lunch we went to Osterley Park which is just 10m away from home (yes, we’re trying to make the most of our National Trust membership). It was also a good occasion to practice landscape photos with my new A6000.

This place is really beautiful and really easy to forget you are still in London! Perfect for families, a picnic or just a walk like we did

The house looks really nice as well, maybe next time we’ll go in

This is one of my favourite, love the light

So overall quite please with the photos. Still trying to get used to the camera and to the fact that any little adjustment in the settings is a lot more noticed in the Sony sensor. Also, because I’m used to my canon and image stabilization need to stop and focus and can’t simply stop quickly, press the shutter and off I go. But quite adapted already to the portability 😀

It’s Sunday afternoon, you fancy a walk in a Park, where would you go? What do you recommend?

Cheers 🙂

.: A visit to Stourhead :.

It’s so hard to believe I finally made it here! Stourhead is on my wishlist ever since I moved to UK, that’s right! I almost made it on my birthday (11/11/11), but as the days are so short in winter time we didn’t had any time left after Salisbury. Because it’s 2h away from home, it’s been on the wishlist ever since. But last weekend and inspired by our trip to the lakes, since we had a brunch cancelled on Saturday and it was probably the last day of summer in UK this year, we had to go!

We are now on a mission to take the most benefit of his national trust membership. It’s really worth it! Just in the lakes and now we are almost in break-even. I need to add myself on that as well, as all the places on my wishlist add to almost £100!

I wish the photos would do justice to this place, is absolutely stunning!

We had a stop for lunch and then a visit to the House

Tip: Stourhead is quite a romantic place, so a good idea is to take your other half, prepare yourself a picnic basket and enjoy the day! It’s perfect for families as well

Have you been in Stourhead? What is the place that you have in your wishlist for so long you can no longer wait? Wish you all a lovely week!

.: Exploring Lake District :.

After our tormented journey to Lake District, and after a glorious breakfast the next morning, we were more than ready to explore! First we’ve decided to go for a walk in Keswick itself. The views around the lake here are fantastic. It was very tempting to do the boat tour, but as it was rainy and we wanted to visit more places we ended up not doing it. Next time, want to

Thanks to our hotel host, we were advised to stop by Battermere, and I’m so glad we did. The views are breathtaking! I wish my photos could do justice to this place

He did a video, the song is crappy because the video was all shaken due to the roads:

Tip: Most people tend to stay in the south lakes around windermere, but the north lakes are more beautiful also less crowded as well. If you’ve travelled all the way up at least try to make the most of it. Next time I’ll just do north lakes

Next morning we woke up yet again ready for another superb breakfast and to socialise with the other guests. As we had another 5h ahead of us (considering a small break and any potential traffic), we only really had a morning.

I’ve decided to go to Ullswater and in particular to Aira Force, a beautiful waterfall

We had lots of fun doing a bit of trekking in the muddy roads. This place is really worth the visit! Trouble is, by the time we were going down to the lake it was too windy and crappy weather, so we’ve decided to go for a warm soup before heading down back home.

Love cream mushroom soup

You know the feeling when you had a good weekend and you’ve managed to disconnect from all your worries? This is how I felt, after all the Lakes are one of those inspiring places! Can hardly wait to get back 🙂

Have you been into the lakes? Any ideas you would like to share?