.: Copenhagen Part 2 :.

It feels it was ages ago! But I have to admit I didn’t had the chance to go back to all the photos (you can see Part 1 here). Our trip to Copenhagen back in April was quite a relaxed one. It was also the first time both of us were keen on not just exploring the city but take as many photos as we could, which meant going out night and watching the sunset and the nightfall even if it was freezing outside

On our last day we went toΒ NyhavnΒ (we had to go there!) because it’s so colourful. This is where I don’t care it’s a tourist attraction and everyone goes there. Well if it’s beautiful why shouldn’t I?

We’ve continue walking along the river in direction of the “Little Mermaid”

Little Mermaid itself is boring. There’s a lot of people taking photos there, but there is a nice park around which is worth a visit (fortunately I had already lowered my expectations)

Loved the military houses, all of them so colourful, quite a lovely place

Then back in the city for some lunch and more photos

After a while I was craving for coffee so we had a stop over.

Finally we’ve decided to go to the Tivoli Gardens which are located in front of the main train station (and close to our hotel). Don’t let the name full you, it’s actually more a fun park than it is a garden. There are quite a lot of restaurants around. I couldn’t resist an ice cream (even with the cold), after all ice cream is good all seasons.

Trying to do a creative selfie, and failed ahhahaha

And suddenly it felt I was in UK πŸ™‚

Then I’ve spent a good 30m trying to take a decent photo of the roller-coaster but it was all quite unfocused. It had to be a click on the precise moment in time. It looks funny even if it’s technically crap

Then after going for some drinks in the lounge it was time to go outside and try some nocturnal photos. Did I say it was freezing?

Although I like to photograph lockers, I find this whole concept of lockers in the bridge a bit silly and a disrespect to the landmark itself.

Lockers aside, as the sun was going down the cold was getting it’s mark, but the colours were so beautiful around us we had to stay longer.

Shooting bokeh

Did I say I’m rubbish in long exposures? Well I am! Just can’t get them sharp enough

So decided to do more bokeh’s instead

After this point both my hands (even if covered by gloves) and feet felt like ice age, so we went back to the hotel for a warm dinner and more wine in the lounge.

Next morning it was time to get back to London. Such a lovely long weekend away πŸ™‚

.: Sunset walk in Richmond :.

One of my favourite walks has to be a walk along the Thames from Kew to Richmond. As it was a Friday and I was keen on taking some sunset photos we’ve ended up parking in Richmond and walking just around Richmond.

As we were Β both starving, we’ve ended up going to one of our favourite places in Richmond: Pig’s Ears. If you are a fan of beer, please do visit this place! It’s heaven!

I had a delicious risotto, but also recommend the burgers and the meat in general. This time forgot to take some pictures.

Kwak – Ginger belgium beer

I had a stout, which tasted really like coffee πŸ˜€ The ginger was admittedly the night’s favourite and recommended by the staff. So good!

Service was excellent as usual. This is really such a perfect place to go in Richmond πŸ™‚

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After dinner he wanted to do some long exposures. I have to admit this is not my sweet spot in terms of photography and mostly I don’t like them. But it was such an amazing night I could only join!

If you had to select one place for a walk on a Friday night where would you go? Looking forward to your suggestions πŸ™‚

.: Experiments & Pizza :.

For the last few days we’ve been taking photos together as for the first time, I have a tripod. Most of the places are just next door, like Kew Bridge or Richmond. Trouble is it’s been too cold! (Which means I will start 2015 with my cold from before Christmas). Oh well.

And our last meal of 2014 ended up being a Stone baked Pizza @ Revolution Richmond. Not as good as Franco Manca, but I love this place πŸ˜€

What was your last meal in 2014? Anything delicious?

Wish you all a happy new year (with or without resolutions – I’ve just done mine). Very simply for 2015 I want to explore more, take more photos, discover new places and enjoy the journey πŸ™‚