.: A ladies weekend in Bath :.

Now here’s something I hadn’t done in around 10 years, having a weekend away with friends. I went recently to Bordeaux with my sis, but once you live together with your other half, the odds are that all the weekends away will be together. I love our weekends together!!!!

But this time, we’ve decided to go out just 3 of us ladies to Bath for a relaxing weekend. For our stay, and considering we’ve decided the weekend a bit late, I’ve selected a lovely cottage at AirBnB. Honestly this was a massive jackpot! The house was absolutely stunning!!!

Photo from official website

The pool room – from the official website

Photo from the official website

Photo from the official website

Photo from the official website

Photo from the official website

Once we arrived in the house we were welcomed by the owner & host Janet. She was absolutely lovely with us. She served us the most amazing & fresh scones with tea (homemade) as well as some muffins made by the daughter.


After enjoying the sunshine in the garden, we’ve headed for our afternoon tea @ Bailbrook House. Bailbrook is a boutique hotel just outside Bath, but with a perfect view over town

Photo from the official website

Our table was prepared for the restaurant area, but it was such a gorgeous day that we couldn’t resist but ask to go outside instead

Photo from official website

With this amazing view and weather why would we want to be indoors?



And then our tea arrived. Look at all of this good looking food!


The sandwiches were quite fresh, but the scones absolutely amazing!!!


After enjoying the sun for 2 hours, we’ve headed to bath city centre for a walk. As we were talking and giggling I didn’t took many photos. We’ve also decided to stop for some cocktails (well, mockatail for me)


For dinner, we’ve headed to Nonna’s as we were all craving for pasta. My phone’s battery was dead at this stage so no photos from the food, but it was absolutely delicious!

The bread was delicious and so was my tagliatelle al funghi. We didn’t had any space left for pudding

We’ve headed back home and switched into PJ mode. We were served warm tea and the leftovers of our afternoon scones. The pool room in the meantime had all the candles on. It was way better than the pictures show, gorgeous!

13627068_10207757868479479_5508361386759023104_n 13592607_10207757868239473_4422072252719701075_n

We’ve ended up talking and giggling until 01h30 in the morning, so our wake up at 08h30 was a bit hard!!! We were presented with a gorgeous breakfast! Fresh fruits, poached / baked eggs with bacon and grilled tomato and mushroom. And then some amazing croissants!!!! We were absolutely stuffed and no way we would be able to have any space for lunch.

We’ve then headed out to a walk in Castle Coombe before heading back to London. It was such a relaxing and good weekend!!! Not sure when I’ll have the chance to do something similar again, but it was super!