.: National Burgers Day :.

Although I really enjoy a good burger, I don’t think I had any burgers this year, partially because we haven’t been going out for dinner as much this year and also because I can’t have them medium rare as I like. But the weather was so warm that I couldn’t resist but to have a good burger outdoors and make the most of the weather and the national burger’s day (25th of August for UK)

As I’m not going far these days, we’ve decided to go to one of our favourite pubs: One over the eightΒ 

On Friday’s it’s especially good because there is live music! So perfect to be outdoors, enjoying the weather, the food and the music



Also, service is really friendly here, sometimes we forget it’s a pub and not a normal restaurant πŸ™‚ The atmosphere couldn’t be any perfect for me as everyone feels really relaxed and chill down.

Because we had my dark chocolate brownies in the afternoon (yap this time I’ve done it my way 90% chocolate and half of the sugar recommended by the recipe), there was no space for dessert, but they have really good ones!

Do you enjoy a good burger? What’s your favourite?

One Over the Ait Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

.: An afternoon with English tea :.

It’s a cloudy Sunday afternoon, feeling lazy on my Pj at home and then started fancying a nice tea. Ended up skipping lunch (as I had breakfast at 11h with scrambled eggs Ramsay’s way) and went straight for a nice English tea.

One of my favourite places to have tea, is not even the Savoy (which I’m looking forward to go), but something more traditional like the Maids of Honour in Kew. I guess it makes a difference when I can simply walk there.

Kew is certainly my favourite place in London! Would love to live here, but I guess I’m close enough anyway

Official Photo

The maids of honour tarts were first discovered by king Henry VIII and were declared so delicious the recipe was kept under lock and key for 200 years.

The monarch is believed to have seen Anne Boleyn eating the tarts baked by one of her maids of honour and was so captivated by the tart’s taste he declared they should be made only for the royal court.

You can build your own tea set, which I recommend it must have scones included, but I’ve decided to go for the Maids of Honour as it does include a tart πŸ™‚

The teas are incredibly delicious as well, they have lots to try, but I ended up going for the classical earl grey

The Scones are absolutely amazing!!!!

We’ve decided straight away that we must bake scones at home, so here’s the recipe we’re going to try:

Do you like scones? What’s your favourite way of having them? I love with cream and them jam on top, or just jam, so good!

And now need to be brave for another though week ahead of me. Enjoy your Sunday,

.: Friday Nigh pub :.

Having just returned from another week away, we’ve quickly decided that we both wanted go out for dinner. My first choice was the new pub next door: One over the Ait, and I’m so glad I went!

We’ve discovered “One over the ait”Β in December last year and we were amazed (You can check my first review here)! First by the decoration itself, it’s so cosy and beautiful! Love the canoe on top of the bar, love the staircase to the upper floor (which we haven’t explored yet) and the chalkboard where you can find the specials of the day. Although we live next door, we didn’t had the chance to return, but tonight was the night. What if I say I love it even more?

All the staff is really friendly, the ambience is perfect and the food is really tasty.

I’ve started with a Chimay Blue. This is such a great Belgium beer!

Belgium beer and mussels? Will try next time

For the mains, and just because it’s Friday, I had the burger. Really tasty burger and crunchy fries.

Such a sexy nasty burger

Yummy fries

The pudding was even better (we went for brownies with ice cream)

Happy Calories all the way through!

The cheery on top of the cake was the live music!

Live Music

The perfect place to go on a Friday and start your weekend with a big smile πŸ™‚

Kew Bridge is way richer now

.: New pub next door – One over the Ait :.

Surprise surprise it seems we have a brand new pub next door. We went for a short walk with a friend to realise there is a brand new pub next door.

One over the Ait opened end of November this year and it’s the new addition to Kew Bridge landscape πŸ™‚

β€˜One over the Eight’ is an old reference to being slightly drunk (commonly known as having one too many) – while β€˜Ait’ is the name given to the nearby islands sitting in the middle of the Thames.

(Photo above by Him)

We had such a delightful surprise once we got in doors, the place is beautifully decorated

I didn’t had the chance to explore the floor above, but the staircase is just gorgeous

(Photo below by him)

They have a good collection of cocktails and drinks in the menu.

I had the salmon with poached egg special option and it was so delicious!

Will be back more often, that’s for sure.

.: The pleasures of home cooking :.

I’m so lucky that I have this amazing butchers near my house (Hammonds)

All photos below except are from their website.

Their bread is stunning too! Yesterday I had chicken rolls with sausage and boiled egg (forgot to photograph it). Ahhh nothing better than fresh eggs, they were so tasty! Will have some more for breakfast tomorrow.

Today wanted to buy more bread but it was gone already, so bought some lamb, so decided to make this salad:

Delicious!!!! Sometimes don’t travel that far and enjoy what you prepare at home πŸ™‚