.: Simple pleasures – Home Cooking :.

I have been doing a lot of cooking recently, since I’m still on holiday. For a while I was fancying some pizza (especially after writing my Childhood food memories post). Even though the temptation would be to visit Franco Mancaย I’ve decided to revive those memories and bake everything from the scratch.

This time decided to follow Gennaro’s Chloe Pizza recipe (from the family book available on amazon here). He has a similar recipeย in the video below

In the video he cuts the dough in 4 part, whereas in the book for the same quantity he does it only twice. If you like thin crisp pizza, then 4 is the way to go (I’ve done it only twice).

Because I need to eat quite a lot of protein these days, mine has Vine Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and grilled chicken. I actually prefer a simple margherita with mushrooms on top.


While the dough was resting I had time to prepare some ice cream. I’ve used 2 frozen bananas + frozen red fruits. Then I remembered that I still had a bit of nutella to top it up. The ice cream tastes like a banana & strawberry smoothie. Apart from the bit of nutella, there’s no added sugar. So guilt free ice cream


I know it feels great to explore new restaurants, but sometimes all I crave is for home made food ๐Ÿ™‚ What do you like to cook at home?

.: Sunday morning Brunch :.

Sunday tends to be our egg-morning breakfast. We wake up later than usual, we relax a bit and then it’s time to prepare a nice brunch. Either scrambled eggs or simply boiled.

This morning we’ve realized we only had 2 eggs, so I’ve decided that it was time for pancakes! (More than 1 h later I’m still quite full)

We’ve used Nigella’s recipe (here). He loves eating pancakes with Nutella, but as we had none, I’ve decided to have mine with cinnamon and honey. To match up my usual vanilla & cinnamon cappuccino. I don’t use any flavouring in my milk. I’ve used a vanilla nespresso capsule and a bit of cinnamon powder.

Yummy! I reckon I will only have lunch | dinner around 16h today, for which I’ll be preparing a tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes and lamb in the oven or chicken.

Indeed today is the perfect day to be lazy at home! Enjoy your Sunday

.: The pleasures of home cooking :.

I’m so lucky that I have this amazing butchers near my house (Hammonds)

All photos below except are from their website.

Their bread is stunning too! Yesterday I had chicken rolls with sausage and boiled egg (forgot to photograph it). Ahhh nothing better than fresh eggs, they were so tasty! Will have some more for breakfast tomorrow.

Today wanted to buy more bread but it was gone already, so bought some lamb, so decided to make this salad:

Delicious!!!! Sometimes don’t travel that far and enjoy what you prepare at home ๐Ÿ™‚

.: The pleasure of home-made food :.

After being away the whole week and spending most of my time eating out, sometimes the simple pleasure of home-made food feels like something else. A journey of the senses where everything tastes to much like home ๐Ÿ™‚

Duck with Basmatice Rice cooked by him – so simple yet so good

We’ve finished off with a nespresso Decaff and 1 of these gorgeous chocolates:

I so love this brand (Montezumas)! Everything is delicious, including the hot chocolates and made in UK ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your favourite home-made dish?