.: Simple pleasures – Home Cooking :.

I have been doing a lot of cooking recently, since I’m still on holiday. For a while I was fancying some pizza (especially after writing my Childhood food memories post). Even though the temptation would be to visit Franco Manca I’ve decided to revive those memories and bake everything from the scratch.

This time decided to follow Gennaro’s Chloe Pizza recipe (from the family book available on amazon here). He has a similar recipe in the video below

In the video he cuts the dough in 4 part, whereas in the book for the same quantity he does it only twice. If you like thin crisp pizza, then 4 is the way to go (I’ve done it only twice).

Because I need to eat quite a lot of protein these days, mine has Vine Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and grilled chicken. I actually prefer a simple margherita with mushrooms on top.


While the dough was resting I had time to prepare some ice cream. I’ve used 2 frozen bananas + frozen red fruits. Then I remembered that I still had a bit of nutella to top it up. The ice cream tastes like a banana & strawberry smoothie. Apart from the bit of nutella, there’s no added sugar. So guilt free ice cream


I know it feels great to explore new restaurants, but sometimes all I crave is for home made food 🙂 What do you like to cook at home?

.: Pasta pasta pasta :.

Yap, I love pasta! It’s a big addiction of mine along with bread (yummy crunchy bread) and coffee. Sometimes I find myself craving for a good portion of spaghetti with tomato, with loads of parsley on top. It seriously makes me smile and for me it’s the ultimate comfort food.

After all the meat from last week, I ended up not eating much this weekend. In fact I did only 2 meals each day. Yesterday we had a lovely brunch at 12h. My scrambled eggs with tomato and parsley – cooked Ramsey style

It looks dodgy in the picture, but it tastes amazingly. Since we’ve been out most weekends and it was a rainy saturday we’ve decided to be lazy most of the day but ended up going out for lunch / dinner later. I was thinking about going to Ealing for some thai, but as it was rainy, we’ve ended up going to Westfield.

Still craving for some pasta, we’ve decided to give a go to Spaghetti House. I have been in at Spaghetti House before and I’ve found nice price / quality, but have to admit I was a bit disappointed this time. The garlic bread was dry and tasteless and my special pasta, although tasty, was overcooked. You know when you get distracted and the pasta glues to the pan? That’s what I had, which was a bit of a shame.

Spaghetti House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

To have some happy calories we’ve ended up going to Ben & Jerry’s. Yummy yummy!

Today, after spending the whole day at a comic con (ohhh there’s more to come on this one – things you’re not expected to do after a certain age ahahhaah), I was craving again for fresh pasta. As I was about to get ready with dinner remembered that I had fresh salmon as well, so decided to be a bit creative – well not so much.

Baked salmon with spinach and tomato sauce, it was really tasty and all I was craving for 🙂

I have to admit I was quite proud of cooking my spaghetti al dente. All really tasty 🙂

It’s Sunday evening, what are you likely to be craving for?