.: Exploring around Lisbon :.

After our brilliant food experience @ Arola, Penha Longa Sintra (You can see the review here) we went for a walk around Penha Longa itself.

Yellow House

Yellow door

Feels like summer

Gorgeous place isn’t it? After that it was time for some refreshments and enjoy the sun

I could easily get used to this life! It was really warm at the beginning of the week, we had around 24 degrees!!!! No wonder I’m suffering with a cold right now. I’m no longer used to the sun.

Next day we’ve returned to my sister’s zen spot in Belem, Lisbon



Time for some romance

Traces of her

A boy with a violin



We finished up with the same spot for the sunset

Not as great as the day before, but still inspiring 🙂 Have a lovely week