.: A Crepe Affair @ Chiswick :.

Ah… the joys of finding a place to live in London! I have been really lucky so far, so was not used to the stress of finding a new place. But as our current landlord decided to sell the flat, it was time for us to find our next place. We had 2 choices really, either move further out (Windsor, Reading, Maidenhead type area) but this would mean killing the social life we’ve finally managed to achieve Or pay a lot more to stay in our area (West London).

  • House nr 1 – There was a flat available in our building but the lady decided to stay 😥
  • House nr 2 – We found THE House, the perfect family place where we could imagine living there for a couple of years. The cherry on the cake: Kew!!! Seriously, just next to Kew Gardens, how perfect was that? Except we couldn’t have it because Kew is considered the max risk rating for cars and we would not get insurance…. bye bye dream of living in Kew 😥
  • House nr 3 – Near to where we live already and brand new block – finally we’ve got it! We just went to sign the paper work

With this mindset in mind, it was more than time to celebrate with some happy calories. It was a terrible week for me, very stressful with the houses and working until late every night. Yes yes, happy calories please!

A CrepeAffaire is located in Chiswick High Road, just where all the shops and restaurants are, so location wise couldn’t be any more perfect.


They have a lot more than just Crepes, but it was the crepes we wanted to have. I had the belgium chocolate whereas he had the nutella one.

Here’s a good looking crepe, yummy!

I preferred the nutella and banana in the end. Really flavourful and not too sugary. Worth a try!
Perfect place to relax on the afternoon with some happy calories 🙂

What’s your favourite crepe? Or are you more a waffle type person?