.: Exploring Bibury :.

Bibury is one of those magical places in the Cotswolds that everyone should try to visit at least once. It feels like a travel back in time. It’s also considered one of the most charming villages in UK, and I can see why!

Photo from google

So it had been in my wishlist for a while. I had already visited a few other places in the Cotswolds (like Bourton on the water or the wildlife park), but not yet Bibury. So on our way from Wales back home, we had to stop over to explore it

First we’ve stopped at The Swan Hotel for lunch and we couldn’t resist a cottage pie. I love a good pie!



Such a beautiful place isn’t it? Then our pie arrived. Really fresh vegetables and such a tasty and filling pie!


After lunch we were ready for a walk in Bibury. Even if it was going to be a small walk (because the village itself is quite small), it was meant to be such a pleasant one

This place looks like out of a children’s fairy tale. Absolutely beautiful!

Have you been in Bibury before? What’s your favourite village in UK?

.: Cotswold Wildlife Park :.

Today I wanted to go to Oxford to have a nice walk and photograph a bit. We’ve left the house around 11h20 and we’ve arrived at 12h30. But we’ve got stock in traffic for 30m and as progress was being slow we gave up. Then I noticed the sign for the Cotswold Wildlife Park, and I had never been there… why not?

I was really positively surprised by this place. If you life anywhere nearby have a go (if you haven’t done already).

This park is part of the famous Cotswolds, which is a place I simply love and haven’t explore enough! I have been in Burton on the water (But can’t find the post). So enough words and let me show you:

Make love to the camera, yeah baby:

What’s up doc

Are you following me?

Give me a smile (ohh this fella is so cute)

And another one – I’m sexy and I know it

I need some love!

Yes that’s it, please continue human

Tell me I look good

Walking on sunshine ohhhh ohhhh walking on sunshine

C’mon just give me a hug

Excuse me, would you mind telling me the way to Madagascar?


Sergei let’s conquer the world

Now getting ready for another crazy week. Enjoy your week 🙂