.: National Burgers Day :.

Although I really enjoy a good burger, I don’t think I had any burgers this year, partially because we haven’t been going out for dinner as much this year and also because I can’t have them medium rare as I like. But the weather was so warm that I couldn’t resist but to have a good burger outdoors and make the most of the weather and the national burger’s day (25th of August for UK)

As I’m not going far these days, we’ve decided to go to one of our favourite pubs: One over the eight 

On Friday’s it’s especially good because there is live music! So perfect to be outdoors, enjoying the weather, the food and the music



Also, service is really friendly here, sometimes we forget it’s a pub and not a normal restaurant 🙂 The atmosphere couldn’t be any perfect for me as everyone feels really relaxed and chill down.

Because we had my dark chocolate brownies in the afternoon (yap this time I’ve done it my way 90% chocolate and half of the sugar recommended by the recipe), there was no space for dessert, but they have really good ones!

Do you enjoy a good burger? What’s your favourite?

One Over the Ait Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

.: Brussels – Gourmet Burgers :.

We only arrived around 14h to Brussels, and after checking in at the hotel (which was the longest check-in in a long while!!!) we were quite hungry. Because he loves burgers and I just wanted something fast we’ve decided to explore a restaurant really close to our hotel, which actually was known for the best burgers in Brussels.

Ellis is located close to a famous fishmonger – Nordzee – in the city centre. So location wise couldn’t be any better

The Decor
Ellis is quite a casual place but it feels also very trendy. Could easily imagine it as part of Shoreditch in London, it’s a cool place to go. At almost 15h it was still quite full, we had to wait a bit for a table at the bar:

The menu
The menu has quite good options around burgers. I’ve really enjoyed the signature selection alongside with a bit of history from the restaurant.

The best part of the menu is the beer!!! Belgium beer, could hardly wait to get started

I went for one of the gourmet burgers, and I was quite puzzled to see it served as a toast:

So let’s try to find the burger, quite hidden in the toast. Maybe this is a english breakfast!

After I recovered from the bread shock, it was time to give a first bite. Meh…. felt a bit like a deja-vu from Dublin, where the meat was just boiled. But I have to say flavour-wise was better. It’s a shame they didn’t grill it and serve it in a proper bread. The french fries were really good as well as the sauce.

And did I mention the beer already? So good!

So overall, it’s a nice place to go. In fact we went there on our last lunch to try other burgers. The service is nice, the environment is nice, just the burgers could be a bit better. Grill them please! Merci

.: You realize you work in London when… :.

You leave work and you go with your friends to the next pub, you really enjoy drinking outside, loads of people are also drinking outside and socializing. My pub drink has been mostly Guinness

Note: the 3 photos below were taken from google

Did you know there are at least 7 different flavours you can recognize in Guinness and that employees are thought to recognize them all and identify proper quality? Including serving it in a branded Guinness glass. This means serious business!

Also did you know that Guinness can be good for the heart? Hum hum!!!! A pint once in a while why not 🙂 But I’m quite a fan of stout anyway.

Finally, did you know that Coach and Horses in Convent Garden is the best place to drink Guinness in UK? Sure it’s the best Guinness I’ve had!

Then we’ve decided to head up to Leicester Square for some food. London by night it’s really something else!

We’ve decided to go for Five Guys. I will just leave a quick review as this is really His speciality (Check out The Burgers’ Blog)

It’s a really good burger that relies on being precisely it: really good. Goodness in foil in a simple and efficient way.

(This photo was taken with my phone)

I’ve been there a few times and it never disappoints.  The little burger is more than enough for me, don’t be fooled by the name little. Good and sexy fries too.

Then the pleasure of heading back home and relaxing a bit on the couch. Yap, it does feel good to work in London!