.: More about Budapest :.


How is the week going? I hope mine is going a bit more smoothly than last week. Anyway, because I only had 1 day to explore the city, and still I haven’t posted all I wanted in my previous post, just wanted to share a few more things.

Where to stay

For work I used to stay at the Marriott, which I would totally recommend, as the views from the rooms are just amazing, and if you can get access to the lounge you’ll have (almost) 360 view over the city. It was the best view I had until I went there to explore.

The restaurant downstairs it’s pretty nice too. I had a few meals there (as I didn’t had time to go anywhere else, shameful I know)

It is a bit expensive (from a Budapest point of view), but it’s worth it! The location is perfect. For my weekend away, I ended up going to the Courtyard, because I thought it wasn’t that far from the Marriott, but it turns out it’s still quite a walk anyway – it’s a boring walk, otherwise I wouldn’t mind.

Tip: Unless your fare already includes breakfast, I would recommend a breakfast somewhere out in the city. Budapest is quite well known for having good breakfast and brunches.


I had dinner @ Paris Budapest Restaurant because I’ve really enjoyed the first time I went there and I really wanted to go there again. And being so original as I am, I had the same food again (as a friend of mine says, you don’t change the winning team – even though I really like to try new stuff)

I had the ink squid risotto. Really tasty as I remembered it:

I had it with an Hungarian white wine.

By the way, did you know that Hungary has really good wines? They really go unnoticed (a bit like the portuguese ones I have to say) You can find a few in UK too (check for example waitrose cellar)

Find a blogger in the area

I would say this is quite an essential one. Why not check for bloggers in the area and check their local recommendations?

Lost in Budapest


Adrian Knows

How to get there

I tend to book nowadays by googling for a local taxi company and booking it online. First of all it’s stress free and then it saves you money too. If you forget about it, then you can do it in the airport, it’s 13€ per person to your destination and you will share the taxi with someone else. If you take a random taxi it will cost you roughly 36€.

Any tips you would like to share?

.: Budapest :.

I had been in Budapest a few times for work, but I never had the chance to explore the city before, as it tends to happen when you travel for work. I knew the view to the Buda Castle from my hotel room. So this was the time.

I actually bought the flights early April for a weekend away in September, to make sure I would really be going this year and would not stay somewhere in my wishlist of things to do and places to visit (I can tell you it’s quite a big list!)

You know about my 1st class flight already (While flying), so now let me show you around – all the photos below are hosted on my facebook page.

Well actually, let me just say because of the view I had from the hotel and all the comments I had from different people my expectation was really high!

View from Buda Castle during the day (it really looks different from the nocturnal view I was used to)

The buildings around me reminded me a bit of Lisbon, where you can see the potential and the beauty, but somehow they looked too dark (maybe the fact that it was quite cloudy didn’t help)

I’m so upset that I didn’t manage to take a proper photo from the Parliament, seriously!


The market

Sunset from our hotel room

The hotel I used to stay (Marriott)

Expectation (Photo below by Nicholas Olesen)

My reality

It’s still a beautiful city, I guess I just should have planned a bit better to make sure I would go to all the right spots. Anyway we only had 1 day in the city, next day breakfast and go to the airport. And guess what, next day it was gorgeously sunny!!!!!

Have you been in Budapest? Any recommendations?

.: On my way to Budapest :.

I had such a week! My time in Edinburgh was great, tried a really good bar Angel’s Share

Had a gin tonic just before dinner.

Dinner was in one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh and the best part if BYOW! Which means we’ve managed to stop at the supermarket and buy some wine, we had french La Chasse Cotes du Rhone Reserve which I believe it’s a great concept!


I had olives as a started and the venison which was delicious. I didn’t took any photos as I was with colleagues and I didn’t wanted to sound rude. Finish it off with a cheesecake

Totally recommended. Now I want to get back into Edinburgh so I can take some photos. It was hard to restrain myself.

Now on my way to Budapest