.: Bruges :.

For our 2nd day in Belgium, I’ve decided to go to Bruges. From all the friends that had been there I’ve got the impression it was a pretty and romantic place to visit, so I have to admit expectation was high.

I’ve booked the train tickets in advance online, so we managed to get cheap open return tickets. The only thing we had to do was to confirm which train we were targeting to catch. The journey itself takes roughly 1h. On the way between Brussels and Bruges there’s Ghent and it seems that Ghent has it’s own charm too!

(Photo from google)

So it looks like next time we need to go to Ghent! Looks so charming really!

Right, about Bruges. As soon as we arrived we were both craving for coffee, so the first stop was to try to get a warm capuccino:

Looks delicious right? I’m afraid to say once the cream was gone, the coffee itself wasn’t that great (yes I know, I’m being picky about the coffee again, sorry!) but at least it left me with a warm feeling, which is what I wanted.

Let’s go for a walk shall we?

We made a little stop to buy beer. We could only carry 6 bottles, so I guess we’ll have to be back soon!

For lunch we found this little italian restaurant in the middle of the main square!

The service was absolutely great and the view one of the best!

Ahhh Belgium beer, perfect!

After chocolates, waffles and beer I have to admit I was really craving for pasta. So this pesto pasta really made me smile:

Again followed by a coffee (too big for me but oh well) The best part was the speculoos (Lotus in uk) cookies. Love them!

Then it was time for another walk and return back to the train station.

So overall I have to say I was in love with Bruges. I thought it was going to be a small little town, but it was actually bigger than I expected. It’s really pretty, and deserves a visit! Both of us agreed instantly that we’ll be back again 🙂

Tip: The chocolates in Bruges are cheaper than Brussels!

Have you been in Bruges? Did it met your expectations?