.: Exploring Lisbon – Sunny March :.

After our gorgeous lunch at Cafe Lisboa, we were more than ready for a long walk around the city centre. If you know Lisbon, you will know it’s quite hilly, so make sure you have comfortable shoes with you and be prepared to enjoy the sun.

Stories from the tram

Estrela 28

Note to self: Need to improve my photo editing skills! But then again, I don’t normally edit photos this much

The musician


Blue nr 1

Yes I know, I love doors! Same way I actually love photographing tiles!



Lisbon ruins

When all hope is lost

That moment when you get caught photographic strangers! Thanks for the smile back 🙂

There he is…. 6 years later on the same spot

Couldn’t believe this musician was still there 6 years later after I took him the first photo

6 years ago

The tram photographers

Waiting for the tram

Moments in the city

Golden town

Se Postcard – classic photo from Lisbon

It was a lot of walking, but Lisbon is really worth exploring! Have you been in Lisbon? Any thoughts you would like to share?