.: New pub next door – One over the Ait :.

Surprise surprise it seems we have a brand new pub next door. We went for a short walk with a friend to realise there is a brand new pub next door.

One over the Ait opened end of November this year and it’s the new addition to Kew Bridge landscape 🙂

‘One over the Eight’ is an old reference to being slightly drunk (commonly known as having one too many) – while ‘Ait’ is the name given to the nearby islands sitting in the middle of the Thames.

(Photo above by Him)

We had such a delightful surprise once we got in doors, the place is beautifully decorated

I didn’t had the chance to explore the floor above, but the staircase is just gorgeous

(Photo below by him)

They have a good collection of cocktails and drinks in the menu.

I had the salmon with poached egg special option and it was so delicious!

Will be back more often, that’s for sure.